‘Outlander’ Season 5, episode 9 preview: ‘Monsters and heroes’


Season 5 of Outlander has certainly not disappointed fans so far. There have been a lot of developments recently that fans are still facing. Fortunately, there is another episode around the corner. Read on for all the information and a breakdown of the trailer. There are spoilers to come.

“Monsters and heroes”

Sam Heughan
Sam Heughan | Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

The promo for episode 9 begins with Jamie (Sam Heughan)
talk to Roger (Richard Rankin). Yes, Roger is still alive and talking. They are
sitting around a fire together. “We have to kill Stephen Bonnet. If I can’t do it
you must, “he said to his son-in-law.

Fans will remember that Bonnet (Ed Speleers) is still alive
and even his ruthless old antics. Jamie knows that Bonnet is a problem that
must be treated. If for some reason he cannot be the only one to do so, then
it must be Roger.

There have been quite a few omens on Bonnet
come to Fraser’s Ridge. This could be a definite possibility since it
think Jemmy is her child. He could come and try to take it and no one is
about to let that happen.

Brianna faces her reality

The next scene is Brianna (Sophie Skelton) speaking to Roger
while working. “Your father thinks that Bonnet could have the right to take Jemmy
of us, ”Roger said to him with panic and concern. They both realize
the situation does not go away, but only gets worse. Soon they will have
to treat Bonnet in one way or another.

Claire contemplates the worst

The next scene goes to Claire (Caitriona Balfe) speaking to
her daughter about the loss. “If I lost you, or Jamie, I would never be completely
Said Claire to Bri. She clearly envisions the worst and it’s a
terrible thought.

The following photo shows Jamie in bed talking to his wife. ” There is
a war is coming, “said Jamie to his wife. Then we see him aiming his gun at
something in another plane.

“Only one of us is afraid at any time. Now
it’s my turn, “said Claire to someone. Then we see Claire aiming for a gun
something or someone. Could this mean that something could happen to Jamie or Bri?
Claire looks very distraught and the previous clip explained to Bri how she had
feel like losing either her or Jamie. It seems like a major drama is about

Trouble Happens at Fraser’s Ridge

There are a lot of scenes from the main characters that look like
they are going through something serious. Jamie and his close friends and family
carry weapons in the woods as if they were going to be attacked. Something is definitely
to come and it looks like it will cause problems on Fraser’s Ridge.

Episode 9 of Outlander gonna be action-packed
if this trailer should continue. Hopefully the main characters will all be
live to see another day and get through everything that comes.


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