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In a match that amounted to a battle for Mandy Rose’s affection, Otis defeated Dolph Ziggler on night 2 of WrestleMania 36 on Sunday.

Rose took the result into account after getting involved in the fight. She got into the ring and slapped Sonya Deville before entering the ring and hitting Ziggler low.

This allowed Otis to strike his Caterpillar elbow for victory. He celebrated with Rose.

Otis had problems with Ziggler for almost two months due to the fact that The Showoff essentially stole his Valentine’s Day date with Rose.

The Golden Goddess had agreed to go out with Otis, but when he arrived late at the restaurant, he saw her with Ziggler sitting together. This prompted the distraught Heavy Machinery star to leave and led Mandy and The Showoff to a screen relationship.

Otis’ heavy machinery partner Tucker tried to get his friend to focus on the competition in the ring in order to overcome the fact that Rose had broken his heart. Otis tried to do it, but Ziggler became a major thorn on his side.

Heavy Machinery covered the distance in a gauntlet match before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, but The Showoff hit Otis with a superkick to secure the victory for himself and Robert Roode.

In the Elimination Chamber for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Ziggler and Roode threw Otis through a capsule and out of the ring on the ground. This allowed their team to eliminate Heavy Machinery from the match.

Despite the loss, Heavy Machinery had a major opportunity on a recent episode of SmackDown when he faced The Miz and John Morrison in an untitled match. Not surprisingly, Ziggler showed up at the edge of the ring to taunt Otis.

Otis eventually became so enraged that he disqualified his team by hitting Miz and Morrison with a steel chair. Ziggler escaped largely unharmed, but it became clear that they were on a WrestleMania collision course.

Their match became official in a recent episode of SmackDown in a backstage confrontation when Ziggler tried to put himself under Otis’ shoes by showing him pictures of himself and Rose.

Few could have predicted a Ziggler vs Otis match at WrestleMania even six months ago, but given the popularity of history and the fact that the heel never had a head-to-head match at WrestleMania before its clash with Otis, it made sense on several levels.

Otis finally got the punishment he was looking for with a win over Ziggler, but their rivalry against Mandy may be far from over.

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