Other areas open to recession – Canada News


Other areas open to recession - Canada News

Photo: Canadian Press

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at his daily press conference on the COVID-19 epidemic outside his house in the Rideau Cemetery on Saturday, April 18, 2020. THE FALSE Canadian / Justin Tang

Canadian authorities have recognized that parts of the country may be closer to restructuring certain economic zones than others, but they continue to apply the process of closure while the notorious closure of the United States’ borders has been extended 30 days during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Let’s be honest, when we want to be optimistic, we have to be very careful,” said Treasure Board president Jean-Yves Duclos on Saturday.

Similar reminders of the importance of patience were heard throughout the day, as criminal statistics continued to increase in Canada’s prisons and prison camps. At Résidence Herron, a temporary home in Montreal where 31 people died from COVID-19 in less than a month, 61 of 99 people have now been tested for the virus, according to a regional spokesperson.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces with medical expertise went to nursing homes in Quebec after Prime Minister François Legault called on the government to take action.

Meanwhile, alarms have risen following the explosion of a white women’s prison in northeast Montreal where 60% of inmates have been infected, according to the Fry Society of Elizabeth. The agency said 50 cases have been confirmed by COVID-19 cases at Joliette Institution, as of April 10, and other women’s organizations in Ontario and Britain have also reported.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed the extension of the ban on unnecessary border crossings, which began on March 21 and was scheduled to end on Tuesday. “This is an important decision and one that can attract people from both sides of the border,” said Trudeau.

President Donald Trump said earlier this week that the border may soon be opened, but that Trudeau and other Canadian political leaders were not affected by the same comment.

In C., officials suggest that more restrictions may be lifted in the coming week in relation to the increase in coronavirus levels.

Prince Edward Island, while 23 of the 26 cases that have confirmed COVID-19 have been closed, also aims to remove barriers and maintain independent law for those entering the region.

Toronto Mayor John Tory met with city officials on Saturday to discuss when life could resume in the big city, but warned that the time had not yet come.

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford said his regional approach will focus on health care and will only be strengthened by the green light for health care professionals. He added that various activities are visible throughout the district.

“What happens in a big city like Toronto may not happen in the countryside,” said Ford.

He added that the release of the restrictions over time should be done with caution and in some way, and said it was “twice as much” as the current closure.

Trudeau reiterated the need for caution on Saturday and reminded Canadians to follow the exercises. “If we can reopen very quickly, sooner or later, we may find ourselves in a few months and all that we have to offer during these months will be useless,” said Trudeau.

He said discussions with the generals reached consensus on the future of the country, but acknowledged that various groups and managers are at different stages of the conflict and may soon change direction.

“The problem is very different from place to place and the ways in which they can continue at different times will change,” said Trudeau. “It must be a very important part of the restoration here. “

Meanwhile, Trudeau added that he did not think it wise for the House of Commons to resume business on Monday as usual – with the 338 MPs, as well as colleagues, secretaries, interpreters, security guards and officials. cleaning agents.

The contract must be finalized before the end of the deadline if the plans change. The political parties were continuing discussions on the moment on Saturday and the Parliament should resume at midnight.

Trudeau’s Liberals interview one person each week, with fewer MPs and longer delays and more responses than can be accepted on question days. Additional resources can be added as soon as you meet the technical requirements and resources required for specific meetings.

All opposition parties appear satisfied with the proposal, except the Conservatives.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wants the government to have four people a week, with no more than 50 members in the room, to hold the government responsible for the financial crisis and the financial crisis.


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