Optimism is less distant as the global battle against coronaviruses rages on


Today, the Italian government is preparing a slow and measured reopening. Schools are likely to remain closed until September, and leaving home may depend on test results.

“This is an extraordinary result,” Italian health minister Roberto Speranza said on television late Tuesday after the latest statistics showed that the rate of contagion had gone from one person infecting around three people to one. no one infecting one. “The measures have worked and we can finally start planning for the future.”

But he stressed that Italy could not afford to drop its guard. “It doesn’t take much to spoil the work we’ve done so far,” said Speranza. “All it takes is bad timing, bad behavior, a certain lightness – excessive optimism. “

After Italy, the global hot spot for coronavirus has become New York State, where 6,268 people died in the pandemic, including 779 in one day this week. While most of the deaths – more than 4,000 – have occurred in an abnormally quiet New York city, hundreds have been reported in the suburbs of Westchester and Long Island, and authorities say others are likely dying at home, not counting the victims of the virus.

Normally, employees of the city’s chief medical examiner’s office arrive within hours of picking up a body. Now the wait can go up to 24 hours, according to Lt. Edwin Raymond, a police officer who works in north Brooklyn and who answered nine calls to 911 involving corpses in six days.

The ambulance siren became the city’s soundtrack as deaths soared, said Lt. Raymond. “This thing – from a cough to a high fever in a week. “

Among the likely reasons for these high numbers, experts say, is the city’s high population density and the long delay before home stay orders are put in place. “You just have a bad hand to start with,” said George Rutherford, professor of epidemiology at the University of California at San Francisco, to a reporter who called him New York.


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