Opinion | Donald Trump the narcissist leads the coronavirus crisis


Third: narcissistic figures love nothing more than conflict engineering and the division of seeds. It destabilizes everyone, keeps them under control.

What this means during this pandemic: Trump pits state against state for his precious resources, rather than coordinating a national response. (“It’s like being on eBay,” complained New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last week.) His White House is a small palace of competing power centers. He chooses fights with democratic officials and members of the press, when all the public aspires to comfort.

Narcissistic personalities do not comfort. They cannot understand the needs of other hearts.

Fourth: narcissistic personalities are vindictive. On a clear day, you can see their grudges forever.

What it means during this pandemic: Trump plays favorites with governors who congratulate him and punishes those who do not give him the respect he believes he deserves. “If they don’t treat you well, don’t call them,” he told vice president Mike Pence.

His resentment against New York is now particularly deadly. When asked on Friday whether New York would have enough fans, Trump bluntly replied “no,” then blamed the state.

And most relevant, as far as history is concerned: narcissistic personalities are weak.

What it means during this pandemic: Trump is genuinely afraid to lead. He cannot bring himself to make serious use of the Defense Production Act because the responsibility would end with him. (To date, he insists that states should acquire their own fans.) Asked about the delays in testing, he said, “I take no responsibility at all. At the press conference on Friday, he added that the tests “which we inherited were” broken, obsolete “, when this form of coronavirus was not even to exist under his predecessor.

It sounds a lot like one of the three sentences that Homer Simpson swears to take you through life: “It was like that when I got here. “


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