Operas in France join the battle against COVID-19 and manufacture “the most chic” masks


As the world faces a shortage of PPE during the coronavirus pandemic, costume manufacturers of operas across France are now said to be making facial masks. According to an international press agency, since the beginning of April, Christine Neumeister, the costume designer of the Paris Opera, has collected the masks of 30 of her couturiers made at home.

Speaking to the news agency, Christine said that the first week, her dressmakers made 1,000 masks for the Red Cross and a maternity ward, and the following week, they made a similar number for the Salvation Army. . According to reports, the masks are packed in “tutu bags” marked Paris Opera “and they are also among the most” chic “PPE. Christine is quoted as saying that it is rewarding for them to know that their work can be useful in unprecedented times.

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With the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus and the shortage of PPE, France is expected to make it mandatory to wear a mask in certain public spaces once the locking restrictions are relaxed from May 11. Christine said she opted for a three-ply mask that resembles a surgical mask and allows for better breathing. She added that it is also made of light poplin with a cotton fleece in the middle.

In addition, the Toulouse Opera in southwest France has also produced masks and will also develop masks that meet the same high standards as the Paris Opera. The Bordeaux Opera and the Marseille Opera also did their part during the crisis. Opera houses have even said that several musicians and orchestras, who are sewers, are also helping out to help lead the battle.

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Coronavirus epidemic

At the same time, France currently has more than 162,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the deadly virus has also claimed the lives of nearly 22,856 people. As the ministry said the death rate had dropped steadily on the graph and was the lowest in the past two weeks, President Emmanuel Macron is reported to have said that he could “loosen” some locking measures as of May 11.

He added that this could imply that the schools start first. However, it has not yet considered effective techniques for removing phase confinement to prevent the second wave of the epidemic. Due to its opening on May 11, France has been looking for more essential activities to resume when the foreclosure ends.

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