Ontario Removes Cannabis From List Of Essential Businesses Licensed To Operate During Lockout


On Friday, the Ontario government removed cannabis from the list of essential businesses allowed to operate during the foreclosure, as part of its efforts to further restrict contact in the context of a worsening coronavirus crisis.

The move comes after health officials predicted 80,000 cases of coronavirus and about 1,600 deaths by the end of the month under current policies, but added that the number of deaths could be limited to 200 with “A full future intervention”.

Ontario, the most populous region in Canada, has reported 3,255 confirmed cases and 67 deaths.

Cannabis is still on the essential services lists in Quebec and British Columbia, Canada and several states in the United States.

Besides toilet paper and groceries, people have also rushed to collect cannabis and alcohol as they prepare for long periods of time locked up in their homes.

Canadian listed producers of Canadian jars fell during Friday’s session, Tilray Inc. and Hexo Corp. having fallen by more than 8%.

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