On leave: parents affected by coronavirus could increase their income thanks to family allowances | Personal Finances | Finance


“Those who have children under the age of 16 or under the age of 20 who are still studying may become eligible for non-taxable family allowances if their income or benefits fall below £ 60,000 in year d ‘2020/21 taxation,’ said Ingram.

“Those with income above £ 50,100 pay a progressive tax on family allowances, so that once the income exceeds £ 60,000 it is taxed 100%.

“As such, many high-income parents have given up their right to claim the benefit.

“If they were to face a decline in their income, they could apply for child benefits to close some of the gap in their income. “

If the parents become eligible, Ingram said they should consider requesting payment using the CH2 form – something that can be found on the government’s website.


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