Oleinik: more risk of fighting than COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on everything from the economy to society and human interaction. It has closed airports and businesses, locked borders and isolated millions of people in their homes to limit the spread of the virus. It also claimed the lives of more than 167,000 people and infected almost 2.5 million people in total.

Although they have gone through a global pandemic unlike anything we have seen in the past century, some people continue to play down its severity or make ignorant comparisons that are not based on any form of logic. One such person is UFC heavyweight Aleksei Oleinik, who claimed that COVID-19 is no more of a threat than anything that combatants face on a regular basis.

“Now I know two dozen fighters who are preparing for the events of the next month and a half. We are risking our health much more during fights and battles than being infected with a coronavirus. Said Oleinik.

Unlike fighting and fighting, which are dangerous activities not without their physical risks and tolls, the new coronavirus 2019 is a respiratory virus which is mainly spread by the droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It is highly contagious, even in asymptomatic people, and has been shown to be fatal in almost 7% of the 2.5 million confirmed infected cases.

Although Oleinik is probably not at the same risk as people 65 and older, with a weakened immune system or underlying medical and health conditions, he could be at risk of spreading the disease to those who are vulnerable. . His suggestion that UFC fighters face more risks when participating in a cage fight does not take into account the risks associated with transferring the contagion to others in your environment.

Despite his misrepresentation, Oleinik admitted that he still takes some precautions during training.

“We work with trainers and training partners. The only limitation is the number of workouts. They became fewer in number for obvious reasons. We can’t work two to three times a day, so we work three times in two days. You can move safely at any time of the day [in the US], and there are no restrictions on this. It is recommended to just be hidden in public places, but there are people who go into stores without them, and nobody tells them anything.

“We take care of ourselves, we wash and disinfect our hands before and after each training session and after each trip to the store, but we are not too careful.”

Oleinik is set to face former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum during the May 9 event at a location which has not yet been released.


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