NYPD: 19.3% of the department in the event of illness; 2228 members tested positive for coronavirus


STATEN ISLAND, NY – The NYPD said that 6,974 NYPD uniformed members were on sick leave on Monday, which represents 19.3% of the department’s uniformed workforce and represents a 0.7% increase for a day.

The big increase comes after the NYPD recently saw the rate of illness reporting slow before today – increasing only 0.6% in the previous three days.

On Monday, 1,935 uniformed members and 293 civilian members of the department tested positive for the coronavirus, totaling 2,228 members of the NYPD.

Advance / SiLive.com previously reported that state police and officers from communities in the northern part of the state could serve as reinforcements to the department if the illness rate reached a point that threatened residents’ safety.

“If NYPD [employees] get sick … the embankment will come from state police, “said Governor Andrew Cuomo last week.

The state police already have jurisdiction in New York, while the officers who serve communities in the north of the state could be substitutes, “the NYPD is so big, I don’t know if we get to that point,” a said Cuomo.


The NYPD also announced the death of auxiliary police officer Ramon Roman, who was posted to the 72nd borough of Brooklyn. Roman, who became a member of the NYPD on March 29, 2010, died on Sunday April 5, 2020 of complications from the coronavirus

The NYPD announced yesterday the death of Auxiliary Police Sergeant Angel Leon, who was assigned to 43rd Precinct in the Bronx and became a member of the NYPD on September 24, 1981. Leon died Saturday of complications from the coronavirus, the department said .

On Saturday, the NYPD announced the deaths of Auxiliary Police Lieutenant Pierre Moise, who died on March 28 of complications from a coronavirus, and school safety officer Linosee Mosley, who died on Friday due to complications from the coronavirus.

On Friday, the NYPD announced the coronavirus death of school safety officer Luis Albino, who became a member of the department on May 30, 2000.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Twitter Agent Lynford Chambers died on Thursday of complications from the coronavirus. “Our prayers are with his friends and family during this difficult time,” said Shea.

The Advance / SiLive.com previously reported that at least six other NYPD members had died from the virus.


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