NY case the best countries, the death toll in New Zealand is 1


New York is now the world capital of coronaviruses.

The Empire State on Thursday recorded a total of 159,937 cases of COVID-19 – overtaking every country in the world.

But the number of newly hospitalized patients has dropped to its lowest level since the state’s closure last month, a sign that mitigation is working, officials said.

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Here is what we learned from others today:

New York crisis:

  • New York City will begin to bury victims of the virus on Hart Island’s potter’s field.
  • The news came when Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the Big Apple was at least a month away from the rest of the holding restrictions.
  • Meet our hero of the day: a Brooklyn waitress feeding New Yorkers – even after losing his job in a restaurant amidst the restaurant’s locks.

Check by mail:

Remain in power:

  • The handshake could become a thing of the past following the pandemic.
  • Finnish researchers have released a spooky simulation showing how droplets from a single cough in a supermarket can hang in the air for “several minutes” and cross two aisles – possibly infecting nearby shoppers with the virus.

Global pandemic:


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