Nursing home with 39 cases of coronavirus evacuated after staff stop showing up


Slideshow by photo servicesAs of Wednesday, nearly 100 residents had to be removed from a southern California nursing home after many of its staff stopped reporting to work.

The Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Riverside has 39 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to county officials, and for two consecutive days, 13 of its employees were absent. It is not clear why they left AWOL, but with a shortage of nursing assistants, 40 ambulances had to move patients to other facilities – a process that took several hours.

These types of nursing homes have been severely affected by COVID-19, the age and health of their residents making them more susceptible to the virus. Nursing homes across the country have been closed to visitors and in many states have become homes for coronaviruses.

“Community living facilities pose a greater risk to COVID-19,” Brooke Federico, news officer for Riverside County, told The Los Angeles Times, “because these are groups of people. [living] together, and also, sadly, those in skilled nursing facilities are in a more vulnerable population because they are older and have underlying health conditions. “

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