Nursing home presuming all 800 patients, staff has COVID-19


Beaver County, Pennsylvania – A Beaver County nursing home operates on the assumption that all of its 800 patients and staff have COVID-19, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

The Brighton Rehabiliation & Wellness Center, in the northwest of the city, says they will all be treated as such.

Over the weekend, a retirement home union representative reported that at least 42 of the 450 patients who lived there had tested positive and three were dead.

The union says 10 of the 300 or more workers tested positive.

a sign in front of a building: brighton-rehabiliation-wellness-center-beaver-county-pennsylvania-0420.jpg

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Last night, the nursing home discussed with the Ministry of Health and it was decided that the test results would no longer be taken into account. Instead, anyone with symptoms will be isolated and treated aggressively. It is believed that this will better protect others from asymptomatic cases.

Staff members use N-95 masks and other protective equipment to try to stay safe.


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