Number of coronavirus cases in Wales exceeds 9,000 and 14 more people die


The total number of people in Wales who have now tested positive for coronavirus has exceeded 9,000 after Wales Public Health confirmed another 178 cases on Sunday.

The total number of people who test positive for Covid-19 in Wales is now 9,078, although the actual number of cases is likely to be much higher.

Another 14 deaths in hospitals have also been reported in Wales, bringing the total to 788. This figure does not include deaths in nursing homes or in the community. Analysis of figures from the Office of National Statistics suggests that the true number of deaths is likely to be 50% higher.

This is a drop from the 23 deaths reported yesterday.

Public Health Wales figures also show that the number of tests done yesterday in Wales was 775.

Where deaths have been reported in Wales:

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For a full overview of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Wales, these maps and graphs provide an illustrated image.

The total number of deaths in the UK following positive tests has now exceeded 19,500 following the announcement of 684 deaths in England on Friday.

At 2 p.m. Saturday, 19,506 deaths were recorded in the UK with a total of 143,464 positive tests.

When cases of coronavirus have been reported in Wales:

The last numbers arrive on the fifth lockout weekend. Despite tighter exercise restrictions to reduce unnecessary travel, there were scenes yesterday of people using Cardiff parks for barbecues and even on horseback and cart.

Options on how the country could break out of the lockout are being explored by the British government and could include socialization in “bubbles”.

The proposal would not automatically apply here, but the Prime Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, has said that he would prefer to continue a quad-national approach to easing the lock.

The plan, which is also being discussed in Scotland, would mean that we may soon be allowed to meet 10 of our closest family or friends in order to socialize in small “bubbles”.

This decision would expand the current “stay at home” advice for people living in England to include meals and other social activities with close relatives and friends.

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Coronavirus last

It would also mean that couples who do not live together can spend time together.

“Clusters” could only include one or two households and would not be allowed to mix with anyone else.

While the Prime Minister of Wales has said he prefers a four-nation approach to relax the restrictions, he was not convinced that he thought such a decision was a good idea or not.


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