Null and Void Routed, Celtic’s Nine-in-a-a-row on the way


UEFA has warned the SPFL that the cancellation of the league will not result in the presence of any Scottish team in Europe. The SPFL was still reluctant to discuss it because of the legal and financial implications that this would entail “null and void”.

The Scottish Sun reports that UEFA, which does not want to tell countries how to settle their league, has strongly recommended forgetting to cancel the league due to these implications.

Meanwhile, the Daily Record claims that the crisis meetings will not involve the discussion of “null and void”, which means that the Follow Follow followers have failed in their battle to arrest the ten. League officials will appoint Celtic champions if the league standings are declared final.

Acting like it never happened will collapse, as fans, sponsors and TV companies are all being paid for something that “did not happen”. The decision of the Belgian FA, which must be ratified by the members to call their league and The champions of Club Brugge could be the first of many.

The SFA must now decide if it wants to award the title to Celtic now and release the prize to protect the clubs or if it wants to see how long it can take to try to play the games.

Ideally, I would like to indulge in Trophy Day, the end of campaign celebrations, but this unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves means that decisions have to be made to ensure that Scottish football can return to normal.

Although this is not my first stop, I would welcome this decision by the football authorities as it is calculated and as fair as possible for the majority of the members.

Promotion and relegation can be negotiated and discussed, but the bottom line is figuring out what’s going on with the prices clubs desperately need.

Celtic can now prepare to sell season tickets and prepare for the new season. Unfortunately, Celtic supporters missed a big party. The supporters are getting money because of the lack of matches, as agreed when we bought our subscriptions last year, but we have to keep that money in Celtic.

Celtic should, if the ranking is declared final, seek to credit supporters in several ways – potentially club shares, store credit before the launch of the Adidas kit, or potentially a free subscription to Celtic TV. There are many ways to mitigate the loss of these games for us as supporters, but the club must be able to continue next season through this difficult time.

The SPFL will meet on Monday to discuss the future of the leagues, if the Celtic are declared champions, then that’s their business. However, whether on the field or by video call, Celtic will win nine times in a row.

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