NPR reduces executive compensation as corporate sponsor payments decrease


At least 33,000 workers in news organizations in the United States have had their wages reduced, taken leave, or lost their jobs since the virus began to spread across the country.

People consume more news than usual. The NPR website’s monthly readership has more than doubled, said Lara, and the average weekly broadcast of its radio broadcasts has increased by 31% since the start of the crisis. Podcast downloads have also increased.

Founded in 1970, NPR receives approximately 1% of its budget from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a federal entity controlled by Congress, which approved $ 465 million for public media in fiscal 2020. As part of the request The White House’s annual budget released in February, President Trump recommended cutting federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to $ 0 by 2023.

The majority of NPR’s revenue comes from corporate sponsorships and fees from member stations across the country. Rob Risko, membership director at Southern California Public Radio, said on Monday that his station forecast losses for next year.

In his email to staff, Lansing said the pandemic is making it difficult to predict the future of NPR. “I expect in mid-May / June, we will have a better idea of ​​the measures we may have to take this year,” he wrote.

Ben Smith contributed to the report.


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