Novak Djokovic’s opposition to vaccination could prevent return to tennis | Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic says his opposition to vaccinations could hinder the return to competitive tennis.

“Personally, I am against vaccination and I would not want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine to be able to travel,” said world No. 1 on Sunday in a live Facebook chat with several fellow athletes Serbians. “But if it becomes mandatory, what will happen? I’m going to have to make a decision. I have my own thoughts on the matter and if these thoughts will change at some point, I don’t know.

“In theory, if the season were to resume in July, August or September, although unlikely, I understand that a vaccine will become a requirement immediately after our exit from strict quarantine and there is no vaccine yet . “

Last month, former world number one Amelie Mauresmo said the rest of the 2020 tennis season could be wiped out. She added that action should not resume until a vaccine is available for Covid-19, which most scientists believe will be in at least a year.

“International circuit = players of all nationalities plus management, spectators and people from all over the world who bring these events to life. No vaccine = no tennis, “said the double grand slam winner in a widely shared tweet.

This year’s Wimbledon Championships have been canceled for the first time since World War II, while the French Open, which was originally scheduled to start on May 24, was postponed until late September, shortly after the end of the ‘US Open.

Djokovic got off to a good start in the 2020 season, winning the Australian Open in January for his 17th Grand Slam title and extending his winning streak to 18 games before the pandemic ends sporting events across the world.

So far, tennis governing bodies have suspended all tournaments until July 13. In addition, the Rogers Women’s Cup in Montreal, which was to be held in August, will not take place this year.


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