“Nothing is guaranteed in life,” says Matt Hancock, asked of 100,000 test targets.


West Midlands Mayor Andy Street said a regional exit strategy would be impractical, emphasizing a sector-wide approach to lift the foreclosure.

He told Sky News that it would be “rreally very difficult “to allow parts of the country to” start going back to pubs “before just don’t think it will work, “he said, noting that” the huge benefit “of what the government has done so far is the” simple national message “.

Street said he would like construction and manufacturing to return quickly, noting that both could be done in a way that “respects social distancing.”

But former John Lewis boss said street retailers will find things even more difficult than before.

“I’m not going to bluff you, it’s going to be incredibly difficult,” he said, saying the sector would be very different after the pandemic.


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