Norwich City: Alan Shearer reacts to Canary Islands leave request when Premier League coronavirus shutdown | Norwich city news


Alan Shearer is Premier League's top scorer of all time Image: James Bass
/ Archant

Alan shearer

is the Premier League’s top scorer of all time Image: James Bass
/ Archant

Archant Norfolk Photographic © 2005

Premier League legend Alan Shearer defended Norwich City’s decision to lock up staff in the midst of the global pandemic.

City was one of the first high-flying clubs to use the government program because it “preserves future jobs and helps keep the club” during the shutdown.

Norwich is committed to supplementing the funds available under the program so that all employees on leave receive their regular wages in full.

Liverpool chose to reverse its original decision to do the same, after much criticism from politicians and the general public.

Shearer believes it is unfair to distinguish clubs that do not have the same wealth as their elite rivals.

“What is good for Norwich, or the clubs lower in the pyramid that will struggle to survive this crisis, is not necessarily good for the so-called big clubs,” said the Premier League top scorer and now respected by the BBC.

“Despite this, many clubs are doing great things in their local communities right now and they should be applauded for it.

“It’s a shame that some Premier League clubs are putting staff on leave when it seems avoidable.

“The program was not set up to help companies that have made millions of pounds in recent years. It was intended for small businesses that could go bankrupt and whose staff may not have had jobs to return to elsewhere.

“Liverpool have already reversed their decision, but there are other Premier League clubs who are not doing too well with the decision they have made and, so far, have stayed with it. “

Shearer gave his verdict in a BBC Sport column, where he expressed his wish that the English season could finally resume.

“However, we have to wait until he is sure. And no one has any choice but to sit and wait, because we are just guessing when it could happen, “he said. “Football doesn’t seem important at the moment, but at the same time, we are all looking forward to the day when it resumes. It will be a sign that life is returning to normal.

“When it does, I hope we can finish this season.

“The Premier League has said it will explore all possible angles to try to end the campaign and will only consider other options as a last resort, which at this point is the right thing to do.

“I think everyone is trying to be as committed as possible to finish the season at some point, be it June, July or August. “


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