Northampton County publishes details of 17 people who died from coronavirus


Northampton County officials released details on Thursday, including hometowns, of 17 people who died in the county from COVID-19 coronavirus.

Since the information was compiled, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has announced three additional deaths in the county.

The statewide confirmed case count as of Thursday was 18,228, with 338 deaths since the first cases were identified on March 6. In addition to the Northampton County death toll of 20, Lehigh County has claimed 13 lives.

Northampton County had 949 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, or 315.3 per 100,000 population. This is more than double the average for the state of Pennsylvania, 142 cases per 100,000 population.

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Northampton County Director Lamont McClure says the county data is from the coroner’s office and reflects deaths from COVID-19 within the county boundaries. It does not reflect residents of Northampton County who died of the virus in another county.

One of the victims was from Warren County, which had 336 confirmed viral disease cases as of Thursday – in all municipalities except the Township of Oxford.

Of the 17 Northampton County victims included in Thursday’s data release, the municipalities in which they lived are:

  • Canton of Forks (1)
  • Canton of Lower Nazareth (2)
  • Bangor (1)
  • Canton of Palmer (4)
  • Upper Canton of Nazareth (1)
  • Canton of Williams (1)
  • Nazareth (1)
  • Canton of Bethlehem (4)
  • Bethlehem (1)
  • Phillipsburg (1)

These additional details have been published:

  • Average age of the deceased: 77.5 years.
  • Gender of deceased: 59% female, 41% male.
  • Race of the deceased: 76% white, 18% black and 6% Asian or Pacific Islanders.

McClure in a press release adds: “Please note – the 17 unfortunate victims of COVID-19 do not provide enough data points for a statistically significant sample. Young people are exposed to significant and serious risks and should stay at home. This information is provided because it is the facts as it exists on the ground to date. These deep losses to our community do not provide us with enough scientific evidence to draw conclusions. “

Bethlehem also released details of 222 city residents who tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday on Thursday.

For more information on coronavirus, consult your state health department at or and the website of American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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