North Korea to fire missiles before South Korean elections


South Korea decided to go ahead on Wednesday, although many other countries, including Britain and France, postponed the elections due to the coronavirus epidemic.

South Korea is not blocked and its ruling Democratic Party hopes that the country’s successful efforts to contain the virus early will help its candidates on Wednesday, thus strengthening President Moon Jae-in’s grip on power.

Voters must wear masks and use disinfectant and plastic gloves before voting. People in autonomous quarantine will be allowed to leave their homes with government escorts to vote after 6 p.m. Wednesday, at the end of the poll for the general public.

Nearly 27% of the country’s 44 million eligible voters have already voted Friday and Saturday in advance to avoid the crowds on Wednesday.

North Korea did not conduct any arms tests in 2018, when its leader, Kim Jong-un, was engaged in diplomacy with President Trump. But it resumed its short-range missile launches last May, three months after Mr. Kim’s second summit with Mr. Trump, held in Vietnam, collapsed over differences over how to denuclearize South Korea. North and when to lighten up American driving. international sanctions.


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