Noel Gallagher’s embarrassing descent highlights Liverpool’s remarkable success


“They had the best season of their lives and they always came in second place … it’s too funny”

Oh how Noel Gallagher laughed.

The Oasis singer had his time in the summer after watching his beloved Man City be crowned champion.

Liverpool finished second, one point behind their rivals, after a thrilling campaign in which the Reds lost only once and racked up 97 points.

It was the best effort of all time for a second-placed team and allowed Gallagher to enjoy it even more.

And that made him more confident than ever that no one could get close to Man City.

“I don’t see anyone approaching us next season,” he told Sky Sports before the season started in August.

“Liverpool had the best season of their life and they always came in second place … It’s too funny.

“I don’t think Liverpool is approaching us. I don’t think anyone does. As long as Guardiola stays, we win the league every year. “

You can’t really blame him for being confident.

Man City could boast 198 points in two seasons, scoring more than 200 goals and winning 64 games in that period.

There was no point in beating them.

Absolutely. May be.

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Except that their closest challengers were not put off by City’s achievements. Guardiola’s achievements only push them to go further.

Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain said the same thing this week when he discussed the Reds’ reaction to second place.

“First, it was a kind of increased respect for Man City as a team, reaching 100 points and then 98 straight, which takes a lot of work,” he said.

“Mentally, as a group of players, I think that may be where we thought,” Okay, 97 points is not enough “and I remember the manager said we need to do more. It’s as simple as that.

“He was adamant, it is not enough, you have to do more, and I think it is a merit for us in what we have done so far this season. “

It is remarkable that Liverpool are recovering from disappointment and are now 25 points ahead of Man City.

Gallagher’s confidence was not out of place. He was supported by an impressive body of work by the world’s richest team.

And that says a lot about the mental strength and the desire to improve the Reds, that he is now made to look silly – and to give Liverpool their due.

Gallagher admitted that whatever happens with football in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the Reds have more than earned the Premier League title if the season is stopped.

He told talkSPORT, “They still won it. They should just give it to them.

“I think they should just start planning next season now because it will continue. Football is about fans and I don’t agree to play games behind closed doors.

“I don’t care if there are six games a day, although that will make the lock up a little better. But the closed-door games aren’t even that good to watch and people will show up. All of my City fan friends said “if they start playing behind closed doors, we’re going.” This could cause more problems than it is worth.

“But I think the authorities should think about playing next season and playing with limited fans and taking social distance in the stadium and all that. “

“Liverpool won the league, so they might as well give it to him. But the only thing preventing them from doing so is the relegation and promotion of the other leagues. “

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It couldn’t have been easy for Gallagher, who saw his favorite team escape the title picture.

No football team lives forever, and as City struggled, and failed, to fix their shortcomings in last summer’s transfer window, Klopp kept his faith and was rewarded.

Make no mistake, City will spend and come back. This rivalry is now showing signs of slowing down.

Nevertheless, Liverpool fans will appreciate seeing Gallagher descend. Without a doubt, he will remember his excessive confidence in the years to come.

It’s just too funny.


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