Noel Gallagher was “panic buying alcohol” to deal with the coronavirus lockout


Noel Gallagher explained how he coped with the coronavirus pandemic in a new interview.

Speaking on the How funny? podcast, Gallagher says he self-isolates at home with his wife Sara MacDonald.

“I panicked buying alcohol,” he said. “Now that the pubs are closed, the only thing you can do now is make your way through it.”

“If you don’t leave the house, everything will be fine. I don’t see anyone anyway, I’m biking where I live and you get the strange car on the road but I don’t stop to talk to anyone. I can easily close the door and stay. “

Explaining his decision to start sourcing alcohol, Gallagher added, “We are out of London, so far from the crazy house, we are fine. I live 75 miles outside of London now, so it’s different here, I was at the supermarket because I wanted to see the bare shelves.

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher. Credit: Mitch Ikeda

“I was in there because I thought, ‘I’m going to have a lot of alcohol.’ And all there was was a load of gluten-free Peroni. All the beers were gone! “

Gallagher then discussed the shortage of toilet paper across the country, as people began to quarantine themselves at home.

“What do I want to know, what is it with toilet paper? ” he said. “I live in an ignorant bliss, I don’t watch the news, but when I heard that people were buying toilet paper, I thought,” Oh, does that make you shit? “It was like” No “.

“But people are mass buying toilet paper and a hand sanitizer. I’m just going to wipe my ass with one of my kids. “

Liam Gallagher recently confronted his brother Noel, demanding an Oasis meeting to raise funds for the NHS after the coronavirus crisis ended.


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