No evidence that people who survived the coronavirus have immunity, according to the World Health Organization


There is currently no evidence to support the belief that people who have recovered from the coronavirus then have immunity, the World Health Organization said.

WHO’s senior epidemiologists have warned that despite the hope that governments around the world have piled on antibody tests, there is no evidence that those who have been infected cannot be infected again.

The British government has purchased 3.5 million serological tests, which measure levels of antibodies in blood plasma, although not definitive increasing levels of collective immunity.

Many tests in development are pinprick blood tests similar to widely used HIV spot tests and measure the high levels of antibodies the body uses to fight the virus.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, Dr Maria van Kerkhove said: “Many countries suggest using rapid diagnostic serology tests to be able to grasp what they think is a measure of immunity .


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