No clear restart date for Amazon warehouses in France


PARIS, April 16 (Reuters) – Amazon does not yet have visibility on the reopening of its six warehouses in France, after a French court ordered it to limit its activities while strengthening security protocols during the Coronavirus epidemic, said its head of France on Thursday. .

Frédéric Duval also told RTL radio that Amazon was considering appealing the court’s decision after workers’ unions were worried about health measures.

The group said on Wednesday that it plans to temporarily close the warehouses, confirming an internal document sent to French unions earlier.

In the internal document seen by Reuters, the company said it would close the warehouses between April 16 and at least April 20, after being ordered to limit deliveries and focus only on groceries and medical and hygiene supplies.

(Report by Sarah White; Editing by Mathieu Rosemain)


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