Nicola Sturgeon’s mom says she fears coronavirus crisis will wreak havoc on SNP leader


Nicola Sturgeon’s mom revealed that she feared for her daughter as the coronavirus crisis developed.

Joan, 67, said she and Prime Minister’s father Robin are concerned about the consequences of the Scottish blockage.

The former Irvine local councilor, Ayrshire, is glued to daily news outlets where the FM has the daunting task of providing the daily death toll in the country.

The grandmother, whose other daughter Gill is an NHS worker, said she was still looking for signs that Nicola was okay.

Joan Sturgeon was previously a consultant

She said, “I’m very protective of Nicola and I just want to hug her. This is what we all feel right now. Everyone is in the same position.

“We worry about her. We worry about the burden she carries, like any parent.

“But we watch his briefings every day. Sometimes I look for signs that she may not be feeling well, like any mom would.

“She works very hard, as everyone can see, and that is one of our concerns.”

They have not been able to see each other for weeks, but Joan said that the head of the SNP called her every day to check how she was doing.

Sturgeon became emotional in an interview last week when she said she wanted to kiss her parents after the crisis ended.

Joan said, “Our experience is simply reflected
by all other parents in the country and beyond. We are normal people in an abnormal situation. They are
unprecedented times.

“We are really proud of Nicola and she calls me every night. She touches the base with us.

“We don’t see it very much, and obviously we don’t see it right now.

“I have a younger daughter who works for the NHS and we care about her too.

“They are both doing very important work which is very
different. We are proud of our two daughters. “

Nicola Sturgeon’s parents watch all of her press conferences to find out how she copes with the current crisis

And Joan supported Gill, an NHS phlebotomist, after launching a passionate defense of her sister’s response to the crisis on social media last week. Gill expressed frustration with critics who said his powerful brother could do more to fight Covid-19.

She wrote on Facebook, “You know I’m sick at the back of how the Scottish government (actually my sister) could do more. How much more?

“On call 24/7. Briefings every day. Looking at how it affects ALL areas, not just health. Have to
always do the day-to-day work.

“Also to protect themselves. Working early to late and then half asleep, the phone disappears. Check his elderly parents. Constituency work. Parliamentary affairs.

“And yet she texted me and said that her job is nothing compared to a social worker.

“She is human too. She is doing everything for everyone right now. I have enough. Her loved ones know what she is doing and that is all that matters. “

Nicola’s sister Gill Sturgeon recently made a splash on Prime Minister’s critics in a Facebook article

Joan, a former SNP advisor, said, “As a sister, you protect. Gill was annoyed by the negative comments
and I guess you can understand people’s concerns and the comments they make to some extent.

“But when it gets personal and mean at a time like this, it’s hard to take. What else can Nicola do? None of us have rehearsals for something like this.

“We accept, as a politician, Nicola will get comments on it and that’s fine. You learn to live with it.

“But at a time like this, when she does, I think Gill thought it was not very fair.

“She had a huge response and I would say above all a positive response. “

In a radio interview last week, Sturgeon explained how her loved ones were also missed during the confinement period.

She said, “The very idea that I can’t just go see my mom and dad right now … if I stop and allow myself to think about it … it will upset me in the same way it would bother n ‘anyone.

“My sister is a front line health worker, my sister in law is a front line health worker and they tell me,” Oh, you must be really stressed right now with all of this. “And what I think is actually,” No matter how difficult my job, it’s nothing compared to yours. “

“I worry about them. Like most people, I try to stay in touch with my family on FaceTime and Skype, when before we could go see each other. ”

When asked what would be the first thing she would do after the lockout was completed, she replied, “I’m going to hug my mom and dad and kiss my niece and wish my nephew a happy birthday .

“I’m going to see my mother-in-law, who is particularly vulnerable. You make me emotional now. ”

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Nicola has always been close to her mother and said that she is always counting on her for help, advice and support.

Joan said that politics was never discussed around the kitchen table when her daughters were growing up and it was not until later in life that she also got involved in politics.

She was first elected councilor to Irvine in 2007 and again in 2012, when she became provost of North Ayrshire. She retired as a councilor for the 2017 local elections.


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