Nicola Sturgeon says “there is no rule for her and another for everyone” as she denounces the actions of Catherine Calderwood


The Prime Minister has criticized the actions of Scotland’s former medical doctor, Catherine Calderwood, after flouting her own coronavirus locking rules over the weekend.

Dr. Catherine Calderwood resigned from office yesterday after being criticized for visiting her family’s vacation home in Fife for two weekends in a row.

The 51-year-old woman was photographed visiting a holiday home in Fife with her family, which led to Scottish police warning her at her home in Edinburgh.

Dr. Calderwood then admitted that she had also made a trip to the vacation home with her husband the previous weekend when she appeared at a government meeting alongside the Prime Minister on Sunday afternoon.

She was widely condemned for her actions which broke all of the Scottish government’s home stay advice.

Speaking on GMB, the Prime Minister assured the public that “there is not one rule for her and another for everyone.”

Scotland’s chief doctor, Dr. Catherine Calderwood, resigned after flouting her own lock rules

Nicola Sturgeon herself came under fire after allowing Dr. Calderwood to stay on post after the allegations were revealed.

Speaking to Suzanna Reid and Piers Morgan, she said, “The reason Catherine Calderwood resigned last night is because I am not ready to undermine the vital public health message.

“I will not defend it. People may disagree with my judgment that day, but my decisions are based on good faith. “

“As Prime Minister, I try to do the things that can best guide me through these unprecedented times.

“Catherine Calderwood’s advice to me was good, high quality advice, but that doesn’t excuse her actions.

She said to Piers Morgan, “It is not good to go to a second house. There is not one rule for her and one for everyone. This is no exception.

“His behavior risked the clarity of our Stay Home Save Lives message.

“In the end, I decided that she should leave office. His actions could trump our vital message.

“For someone in my position, changing the head doctor right now is not great. I’m trying to make the best judgment possible and my only goal is to guide our country despite that. “

In a statement on Sunday evening, Dr Calderwood, who had previously apologized for not correctly following the instructions not to travel away from home, said: “I am deeply sorry for my actions and the mistakes I have made. have committed.

“The Prime Minister and I had another conversation this evening and we agreed that the justified focus on my behavior risks becoming a distraction from the extremely important work that the government and the medical profession must do to help the country get through this coronavirus pandemic. .

“Having worked so hard on the government response, this is the last thing I want.

“The most important thing for me now and in the next very difficult months is that people across Scotland know what they need to do to reduce the spread of this virus and that means they have to have confidence total in those who give them advice.

“It is with a heavy heart that I resign from my position as chief medical officer.

Nicola Sturgeon on GMB

“I will be working with my team over the next few days to ensure a smooth transition to my successor.”

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, “The advice of Dr. Calderwood to me, the government and the people of Scotland over the past few weeks has been good advice. People should continue to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

“It is clear, however, that the mistake she made – even if she sincerely and sincerely apologized for it – risks distracting and undermining confidence in the government’s public health message at this crucial time. It is not a risk that each of us is ready to take.

“Catherine has been a transformative CMO, bringing about changes in the way medicine is delivered in Scotland and in particular using her experience to bring expected attention to women’s health. Also, as I said earlier, her advice about me on the coronavirus will be missed – which is why she will strive to ensure a smooth transition in the days to come.

“Although she made a very serious error in her actions, this should not detract from the fact that as a CMO she made a very valuable contribution to the medical profession and to health in Scotland, and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so. so in the future. She leaves office with my thanks and admiration. “

Earlier Sunday evening, Sturgeon confirmed that Dr. Calderwood was withdrawing from the daily updates and would no longer be featured in the Scottish government’s advertising campaign.

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Coronavirus in Scotland

Scottish police chief Iain Livingstone said police had visited Dr Calderwood and issued a warning regarding his conduct.

Livingstone said in a statement: “Earlier today, local officers visited and spoke to Dr. Catherine Calderwood about her actions, reiterated crucial advice and issued a warning regarding her future conduct, which she all accepted.

“The legal instructions not to leave your home without valid excuse apply to everyone. Social distancing is the key intervention to limit the spread of the coronavirus and it is essential that instructions are followed to protect each other, take pressure from the NHS and save lives.

“Individuals should not make personal exemptions tailored to their own circumstances. “


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