Nick Foles enthusiastic about fighting for Chicago Bears starting quarterback


“I am delighted with this opportunity,” Foles said on Friday during a media conference call. “Going through my career has been an interesting curve. She has been everywhere, which honestly allowed me to experience a lot of different things and to learn a lot of wisdom from it.

“But the possibility of being a full-time beginner and spending a season and doing these things is something that I think any player would like to do in the right situation. So this opportunity to have this, I’m excited for it, I really am. “

Shortly after being acquired by the Bears in an exchange with the Jaguars, Foles called Trubisky to introduce himself and tell him that he was delighted to work with him and be his teammate.

“Mitch has been there for several years and is very familiar with this offense, the Chicago version,” said Foles. “But I will be in competition and it will be a healthy competition. Mitch and I have already spoken and we wanted to start off on the right foot because in the end it is the Chicago Bears and not the quarterbacks ego. “

“Quarterback competition becomes such a big thing in the NFL, what it is. The quarterback is an important position. But in the end, we have to do what’s best for the Chicago Bears. So having this healthy quarterback room will be a big part of that. .

“He and I got off to a good start with our discussions. And finally, it’s going there and doing our job and supporting each other and the guy who can lead the team will lead the team, whoever it is. “If it’s Mitch, I’ll be there to support Mitch. And if it’s me, I know Mitch will be there to support me. “

The ups and downs that Foles experienced began in 2013 when he had a second breakout season, passing for 27 touchdowns and only two steals leading the Eagles to the NFC East title. But he was traded to the Rams in 2015 and had a year so forgettable that he lost his love for the sport and was planning to retire.

The Foles finally decided to continue playing, first signing with the Chiefs in 2016 before joining the Eagles in 2017. When Philadelphia starter Carson Wentz suffered a late season knee injury in Week 14 , Foles stepped in and helped lead the franchise to its first Super Bowl championship.

In three playoff victories, the Poles threw for 971 yards and six touchdowns with a passer rating of 115.7. He won MVP honors in Super Bowl LII after leading the Eagles to a 41-33 victory over the Patriots passing for 373 yards and three touchdowns with a score of 106.1 and catching a touchdown pass of 1 meter from Bears current tight end Trey Burton on a trick game dubbed the “Philly Special”.

The Foles again replaced an injured Wentz in 2018, leading the Eagles to a playoff victory over the Bears at Soldier Field. He then signed a lucrative contract with the Jaguars in 2019, but broke his left collarbone in the first quarter of the season’s opening. The Poles finally returned to start three games, but were placed on the bench in favor of rookie Gardner Minshew.

Now that he has joined the Bears, Foles will adapt to a new team. But he already knows coach Matt Nagy and his offense, having worked with Nagy in Philadelphia in 2012 and Kansas City in 2016.

“I have had a foundation since I was in Kansas City and we ran a different version in Philadelphia that was different from that,” said Foles. “But this is the fun part. You can bring this information about what we did in Philadelphia to Chicago and try to refine and develop it and mix it up in the DNA of the Bears offense.

“I would say there is a solid infrastructure there with the knowledge of it. He’s just going to talk to Coach Nagy about his training points and be on the same page and understand how he wants it to work. He knows me. We have known each other since 2012. Although we have never been in a position like this, it is he who calls plays as head coach.

“It’s nice to have this foundation. However, this must never start again without any knowledge of the offense. So, I’m definitely starting on my own two feet and I’m happy to know more about what they’re doing. There could be a few different terminologies and different racing games and stuff like that. But I will be able to understand it decently with a little luck. “


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