NHL promotes 2019-20 recovery format that includes regular season games – The Athletic


Before anyone is too attached to one of the various scenarios and formats used in the event that the NHL finds a way to resume the 2019-2020 season, understand a fairly important fact: the NHL would much prefer to play certain games of the regular season before heading to the playoffs, weather permitting. “We understand that with what will obviously be a long break between games, players will want the opportunity to re-acclimatize to the NHL competition before having to play games that could end their seasons quickly,” said NHL assistant commissioner Bill Daly. told The Athletic on Thursday.

“I’m sure our managers feel the same way. We are obtaining it and will do our utmost to address these concerns. “

And while I know it’s a confusing time for hockey fans with all the different ideas out there, it’s really the only thing to remember so far where the NHL makers are right now …


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