NHL Explores All Options For Resumption Of Season, Says Bettman


The NHL continues to explore all options to resume the season pending regulatory approval after suspending the season on March 12 due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

“When we have the opportunity to come back depends on things over which we have absolutely no control, because it all starts with everyone’s health and well-being,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told CNN on Monday. .

“And until there is a feeling that people can come together, not just to fill our arenas but even for our players to come together to practice, we don’t know when we can come back.

“But this is something that we monitor daily. “

The NHL has asked the players to self-quarantine on Wednesday, though Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said Friday he would be surprised if the delay was not extended.

Commissioner Bettman told CNN that the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association have discussed how long it will take players to prepare for the resumption of the season.

“As much as you can try to stay in shape with a home gym, our guys haven’t been on the ice for a month, and they’re going to need 2-3 weeks to get back in shape,” he said. Explain. said.

“So as much as we can care about keeping everyone, not just our players or the NHL family, but everyone safe from the coronavirus, we also want to make sure that our players don’t put their health in danger by coming back too early and not being fit for play. ”

Asked about fanless games or neutral sites, Commissioner Bettman said the NHL must be ready for anything, even if some scenarios turn out to be unrealistic.

“We are exploring and want to be ready for each option whenever the circumstances arise,” he said. “So, we have excluded nothing, we have excluded nothing, and we will be ready to go in the direction that made sense at the time. “

Commissioner Bettman said that President Donald Trump’s appeal to sports leaders on April 4 was very constructive.

“We have all expressed a desire to return to sport,” he said. “This is something that, for the American psyche, and in my case the Canadian, the public is very important. Sports can be part of bringing people together, can be part of healing.

“But we all agreed that until the right time, there are other, more pressing issues than when we come back, and again, it all starts with people’s health and well-being. “


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