NFL rumors: there’s no way the Eagles will sign Cam Newton or Jameis Winston, right?


For a team that signed, they started quarterback on a monster contract just over a year ago – and have done everything since their arrival to make it clear that Carson Wentz is the Guy move forward – the Eagles have certainly had a lot of intrigue around the position in recent years.

Naturally, the Eagles are looking to avoid that in 2020, right?

Enter Cam Newton, who was released by the Panthers earlier this offseason, and Jameis Winston, who was not re-signed by the Bucs. The two quarters have spent their entire NFL careers with one team, but that will change next season – and with as many market quarters and more expected to become available in this month’s draft – there are a chance that the two could be relegated to backup roles next time. season.

But, the Eagles as a potential landing place for someone like Newton? Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports seems to think it makes sense…

The Eagles should also think in these terms. No way they can get into the season with Nate Sudfeld behind Carson Wentz. Not with Wentz’s propensity to miss games. Not with such high stakes for Philadelphia. Joe Flacco would also make a lot of sense here. But if I can get Newton for, who knows, $ 7 million a year? $ 10 million? I do it. Add one or two cancelable years to lower the cap. What am I forgetting here? Why wouldn’t a good team jump on it? I remember, not so long ago, fake starters like Brock Osweiler getting $ 18 million a year guaranteed for two years, and the Broncos and Texans in a bidding war for his services. And now, nobody would trade a seventh round pick for Newton with one year and $ 19 million left on his deal? There may be some medical concerns there, but the job would still be for him to pass a physical, anyway. If the so-called QB1 were going to be $ 18 million BEFORE the cap started to explode, which Super Bowl competitor wouldn’t try to get into it now? [[[[]

And he’s not the only person I’ve seen mentioning the Eagles as a possible landing spot, specially for Newton.

But would the Eagles really bring in a player who could let Wentz look over his shoulder all season?

Obviously, what happened in 2017 during the preparation of their first Super Bowl title in the history of the franchise does not need to be told here, but it is worth mentioning, because the reappearance of Nick Foles in this miraculous post-season has not been of service. starting quarterback. It also didn’t help people overcome their belief that the grass is always greener on the other side, leading to a shorter leash than that deserved for a quarterback who, when in good shape health, was among the best in the NFL.

In fact, this dynamic is part of the reason the Eagles were so willing to let the Poles walk free after winning the Super Bowl. Of course, they were never going to match the contract that was given to him by Jacksonville, but even before the end of this agreement, it seemed that the Foles’ time at Philly was coming to an end because the team had to withdraw Wentz from Lombardi trophy-sized Foles. shadow. If he had stayed, each time Wentz had a bad game, the Foles would have been there waiting, which resulted in quarterback controversy and outside noise making life in the NovaCare locker room difficult. Instead, they chose to ride with Nate Sudfeld as a replacement, and eventually added Josh McCown after Sudfeld was injured.

Like Foles, McCown was a veterinarian who could quickly learn the system and, as we have seen, could replace Wentz when needed. Unlike Foles, however, McCown would not be considered a potential savior each time Wentz threw a few bad passes.

It’s not a slight on Wentz, but rather a common practice around the NFL. Just look at who some of the other best starters are supporting them and you will see what I am talking about.

This offseason, the Eagles brought Sudfeld back, but with as many veteran quarters with starting experience available, could the Eagles seek to hire a more well-known quarterback to support Wentz and be ready to replace if the bug injury bit again?

There has been talk of Flacco being a possible adjustment, and given where he is at this point in his career, it’s about as well known by a name as I could imagine the Eagles bringing – and even this can be a stretch. This is Carson Wentz’s team, for better or worse, which is why I was so surprised to see La Canfora mention the Eagles as a potential landing point for two of the most polarizing players available , which could both provoke the very controversial Eagles, would be smart to avoid.

Let’s just hope that, as with 2020, this is just a big joke. It’s April 1, after all.

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