NFL Mock Draft 2020: Cleveland Browns Chooses Wide Receiver at # 10


So I’m sitting there on the clock with the 10e choose with a pretty interesting decision.

Should I do what everyone expects from me and write an occupational therapist like Andrew Thomas from Georgia or Jedrick Wills from Alabama and fill a big need on line O?

Or do I have to stay off my board and take the best player remaining in this draft in Jerry Jeudy?

I take one last look at my board and realize that it is not a difficult decision when the best player on your board is Jerry Jeudy.

College statistics

  • 42 games played
  • 159 catches
  • 2742 Yards
  • 26 touchdowns

Route in progress

When people talk about Jeudy’s strengths and there are many, the first words that come out of most people’s mouths are about his journey.

Todd McShay is already out and called Jerry Jeudy the best road runner he has ever seen and he was in full screen against Clemson in the National Championship game:

Why Jeudy Makes Sense For Cleveland

Cleveland already has a number of talented catcher’s already at Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry and the recently signed Austin Hooper. This makes Cleveland an even better landing point for Jeudy as it allows him to be the number 2 or 3 receiver during his early years in the league, which is a luxury not much of 1st round receivers these days.

You may now think that using 10e the overall choice of a receiver who may not even be option number 1 or 2 in their rookie year is a misuse of resources when this team has other needs.

Well, this is not a choice I only make for 2020. By making this choice, I am selecting a receiver that I think and many others have All-Pro potential and could very well be the best at their job. by the time his rookie contract is up.

The NFL is unpredictable from year to year, but everyone has the same predictions for this super talented 20-year-old Alabama receiver named Jerry Jeudy.

Bring the 2020 season!


Do you approve of this choice?

  • 25%


    (100 votes)

  • 74%


    (286 votes)

386 votes in total
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Provisional ordinance on the BGN 2020

1) Bengals (subsidy prospects): QB Joe Burrow
2) Washington (ablesser88): EDGE Chase Young
3) Lions (CMG97): CB Jeff Okudah
4) Giants (selgae aihpledalihp): LB Isaiah Simmons
5) Dolphins (dceagles): WR CeeDee Lamb
6) Chargers (dapeltz13): QB Tua Tagovailoa
7) Panthers (wardbell92): DT Derrick Brown
8) Cardinals (drc242): OT Mekhi Becton
9) Jaguars (Palaniappan K M): OT Tristan Wirfs
10) Browns (WentzAndFolesFan): WR Jerry Jeudy
11) Jets (Dr_Horrible):
12) Raiders (Phillysolo)
13) 49ers (eagles0132):
14) Buccaneers (BuckeyedEagles):
15) Broncos (J. Wil):
16) Falcons (Kephas)
17) Cowboys (PhillyBirdGang):
18) Dolphins (dshelton5):
19) Raiders (fredhugo):
20) Jaguars (ItownBallers22)
21) Eagles (20Safety_Hazards)
22) Vikings (Kramerpoo):
23) Patriots (Phoenix X Minimus)
24) Saints (big DUB):
25) Vikings (MrW254):
26) Dolphins (SemperFilly):
27) Seahawks (mattywils):
28) Ravens (Dirtybirdy47):
29) Titans (mr_england):
30) Packers (Nishant R SambhiReddy):
31) 49ers (fly like an eagle):
32) Chefs (Leo Bedio):

Now is the time for you to vote for who YOU ​​think the Browns should choose from the BGN 2020 community consensus draft.


Who should the Browns fish at number 10?

  • 5%

    Jerry Jeudy

    (13 votes)

  • 56%

    Andrew Thomas

    (123 votes)

  • 28%

    Jedrick Wills

    (62 votes)

  • 0%

    Henry Ruggs

    (0 votes)

  • 2%

    CeeDee Lamb

    (6 votes)

  • 5%

    Javon Kinlaw

    (13 votes)

217 total votes
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Preliminary version of the BGN 2020 community consensus

1) Bengals: QB Joe Burrow
2) Washington: EDGE Chase Young
3) Lions: CB Jeff Okudah
4) Giants: LB Isaiah Simmons
5) Dolphins: QB Tua Tagovailoa
6) Chargers: QB Justin Herbert
7) Panthers: DT Derrick Brown
8) Cardinals: OT Mekhi Becton
9) Jaguars: OT Tristan Wirfs
10) Brown:


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