NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles are “in love with Jalen Reagor’s speed and explosive potential”


Rumors are brisk and strong as we approach tonight’s NFL 2020 draft. The latest buzz about the Philadelphia Eagles comes from Lance Zierlein, who wrote the following for choice # 21 in his latest comp project.

# 21 – Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU

It might be a surprising selection for some, but sources say the Eagles are in love with Reagor’s speed and his explosive potential as a three-level target for Carson Wentz.

Zierlein has done a decent job with the Eagles’ draft in the past. He was truly the first to report that the Eagles were trying to climb for Carson Wentz in 2016.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of the Reagor-linked Eagles either. An “NFL Draft Chat” column from The Athletic reported that the Eagles “got to work on the TCU receiver. This sentiment is reflected in BGN’s interests monitoring project. The Eagles interviewed Reagor at Combine NFL 2020 in addition to FaceTiming with him. John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia recently reported that the Eagles had spoken to Reagor about TCU head coach (and cornerback Jeff Gladney).

The advantage of Reagor is definitely intriguing. The 21-year-old describes the explosive threat that the Eagles could really afford to add to their receiving corps. We think he would go higher in the repechage if not to be held back by a horrible quarterfinal at TCU.

At the same time, Reagor is not without considerable drawbacks. The drops were a problem. His combined race of 4.47 meters by 40 meters was slower than expected. Former NFL leaders like Daniel Jeremiah and Gil Brandt didn’t even rank Reagor in their top 50 hopefuls. The Eagles taking him to # 21 could be a long range.

His band of 2019 raises some concerns even taking into account the abyssal game of the quarterback. Reagor did not seem determined to sell decoy routes, to block or to take every rod of his opportunities after capture.

This last concern comes up in analytics, as his YAC average has dropped considerably in the past three years (7.8> 5.9> 3.8) and he has only managed a total of 5 tackles in 19. You can explain some of this by arguing for a bad placement, but too many times Reagor was in self-preservation mode and looked for the sidelines.

Of course, the Eagles could be in a place where they will have to look for a receiver in the first round. Zierlein’s model, for example, has the following four wide receivers off the shelf before Philly’s choice:

CeeDee Lamb at the Las Vegas Raiders at n ° 12

Henry Rugs III at the San Francisco 49ers at No. 13

Jerry Jeudy at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at # 14

Justin Jefferson at the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 20

Ideally, the Eagles could trade a bit and take over Reagor later in the first round. If they really like it, however, they may not want to risk missing out.

Reagor is the catcher I love most for the Eagles if the top four guys (yes, including Jefferson) are gone. We’ll soon see if he’s the choice or not.


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