NFL Draft COVID-19: Several teams plan to write from home, versus


When you watch the NFL 2020 draft on your couch at home like you have done every year before, the Cincinnati Bengals and all the other teams will do the same.

Several representatives from different teams have told NFL ESPN insider Adam Schefter that they will prepare to work entirely at home during the draft. While it is not yet an officially imposed NFL policy, it is to be expected that each team will follow suit and the project will be 100% virtual.

When he announced that the draft would continue as planned, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the teams that they should prepare to conduct the draft away from the team’s facilities. You must think that the teams have already set up contingencies in the days preceding this report.

What does this mean for the draft we didn’t already know? Not much. The concept of “War Rooms” is not very practical when it is expected that every human being in the country will keep six feet apart from each other. So instead of looking from the inside for general managers, coaches and scouts working together in a shared space, we will have talking heads and highlights.

Virtual communication will become crucial for each team now that decision makers will not be able to converse in person. No matter how many obstacles appear, the Bengals’ ability to draft Joe Burrow with the first choice will not be in jeopardy. This innate certainty of the Bengals is probably even more precious now.


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