NFL Draft 2020: The 10 Most Likely First-Round Trade Scenarios, What It Could Cost To Acquire Tua Tagovailoa


The 2020 NFL Draft should be fairly predictable, right? Joe Burrow is almost a lock to be taken by the Bengals with the first overall choice. The Dolphins, armed with three first-round picks, will finally realize their destiny by taking quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth pick overall. Ohio State’s talented pass hunter Chase Young will be selected by the Redskins with No. 3 overall pick, while the Giants, who are just behind them at No. 4, will take on the former Clemson standout inside linebacker Isaiah Simmons. While each of these predictions looks good on paper, there is a very good chance (based on the story) that the top five choices in the project may not go exactly as planned.

The same can be said about the entire first round of the project, as many teams are able to perform a trade that could turn things upside down in a major way. With the start of the project in a few weeks, we decided to rank the 10 most likely first-round business scenarios that could take place during or before the project. And if any of these moves materialize later this month, remember who heard it first.

1. Dolphins acquire overall choice # 2 from the Redskins for overall choice # 5 and the 39th overall choice

As mentioned above, the Dolphins, as they currently are, are in a good position to clinch anyone other than Borrow with the fifth overall pick. That being said, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Dolphins decide to try to trade to make sure they have their quarterback of choice.

While acquiring # 1 overall choice is unlikely, a more likely scenario is that the Dolphins will trade fifth choice and one of their second-round picks to the Redskins for # 2 overall choice. would guarantee the ability to select Burrow or Tua while retaining their other two first-round picks. The question is which of their second-round picks should drop, as Miami currently has the 39th pick overall.

2. Patriots acquire the global choice n ° 9 of the Jaguars in exchange for n ° 23, global choice 87 and second round choice 2021

Tom Brady heading for Tampa Bay, the Patriots could decide to sign Jameis Winston or Cam Newton for free. But if they don’t, the Patriots will have to improve their quarterback position during the draft. Their other options are to rely on a former fourth-year second-year pick (Jarrett Stidham) or a career backup (Brian Hoyer).

This leads them – in this scenario – to drop the 23rd pick in total as well as the first of the team’s third third round picks to give them a chance to select one of the best remaining qurterbacks in the draft. With the ninth pick in total, the Patriots would likely be able to select Herbert or Love, assuming Burrow and Tua were out of the game by the time the top five draft picks passed. The Jaguars, in turn, would still have a first round pick and a second pick on day two.

If this scenario plays out, don’t be surprised if the Patriots try to trade again to further increase their chances of winning one of the best draft quarterbacks. Possible contenders in this scenario include the Giants (with overall pick # 4) or the Chargers, who are also looking for their next franchise quarterback after letting Philip Rivers leave earlier this offseason. In this scenario, the Patriots would likely be looking for a second-round pick, something they lost after acquiring Mohamed Sanu in a trade with the Falcons last season.

3. Buccaneers acquire the 7th and 152nd choices in total from the Panthers in exchange for the 14th and 45th choices in total

The idea was launched at CBS Sports Mock Draft 2.0, with Jonathan Jones (serving as general manager of the Buccaneers) selecting former Alabama attacking tackle Jedrick Wills. While Josh Jones of Houston and / or Mekhi Becton of Louisville may still be there at No. 14, Tampa Bay – who may be willing to drop one of their two fourth-round picks in order to trade – may not want to take no chance to miss the acquisition of one of the best players in the draft. The Buccaneers certainly want to improve this side of their team after signing a two-year contract with Tom Brady.

For the Panthers, chances are the player they want is still there with the 14th pick. This was the case in Monday’s mock draft, with former Ohio cornerback Jeff Okudah falling to Carolina at No. 14.

4. The shippers acquire global choice n ° 2 in exchange for global choice n ° 6 and a second round choice in 2021

The Chargers, who also need a quarterback, cannot be excluded from going up a few spots to solidify their chances of picking up one of the best draft signalers. Although they are currently in a good position with overall choice # 6, Los Angeles could decide not to settle for acquiring the best quarterback remaining there, Burrow and Tua having to be sidelined after the five first selections.

The question here is how much the Chargers like Herbert and / or Love, who should both be there for the take with the overall sixth pick. Los Angeles also doesn’t have a ton of draft picks to give up on, as they currently have a choice in every round. The Chargers, who are likely to be unwilling to part with the 37th overall pick, may need to be prepared to give up a second-round pick in 2021 if the Redskins or Lions are unwilling to accept a third or a fourth- round choice.

5. Raiders acquire global choice # 3 from Lions in exchange for global choice # 12 and 19th

While the Raiders already have Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota on their roster, general manager Mike Mayock said he would select a quarterback in the first round if he thought the player would significantly improve the Raiders’ chances of winning. Las Vegas is said to have conducted virtual interviews with Justin Herbert and Jordan Love, and would likely be willing to part with their current first-round picks to select one of these quarters … if they finally decide that Herbert / Love is the team’s future quarterback.

6. The Jaguars acquire the global choice n ° 3 and n ° 109 of the the Lions in exchange for the global choices n ° 9 and 20

With Nick Foles in Chicago, everyone expects Gardner Minshew to be the starting quarterback for the Jaguars before the 2020 season. And while that may be the case, don’t be surprised if the Jaguars decide to trade their two first-round picks to move on to selecting Tua, a scenario that was recently dissected by R.J., editor-in-chief of CBS Sports Blanc. While Minshew had his moments last season, Tua, who enjoyed a prolific career in Alabama before suffering from his hip injury, has significantly more advantages. His arrival would also boost the interest of a Jacksonville fan base in need of some excitement after two lost seasons.

Jacksonville could also offer defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (who is trying to leave Jacksonville) as a spare, an offer which should certainly attract Washington and Detroit, two teams that need help with the job.

seven. Ravens acquire the 22nd overall choice of the Vikings in exchange for the 28th and 92nd choices in total

While not a significant jump, advancing six places could help the Ravens secure one of the best receivers or linebackers – two of their greatest needs – in the draft. They also wouldn’t give up much, as the Ravens currently have nine choices, including two second-round picks after trading Hayden Hurst with the Falcons earlier this season.

The Vikings, who should also move in the first round, would choose an additional draft choice while retaining their two first round choices. Minnesota needs these two choices to meet their receiver and cornerback needs after losing Stefon Diggs and Trae Waynes earlier in the offseason.

8. Packers acquire the 20th and 73rd and the general choice of the Jaguars in exchange for the 30th choice, 62nd and 2021 fourth round choice

CBS Sports NFL analyst Josh Edwards rated the Packers as one of the most likely teams which could be exchanged in the first round. But instead of trading for a receiver, the Packers may decide to trade to select Kenneth Murray, the top ranked linebacker in the draft. Although Green Bay may have to give up a more desirable choice, it will surely try to offer one of its three choices in the sixth round if it chooses to trade in the first round.

The overall depth at the receiver is the reason why I think the Packers may decide to pursue an inner linebacker on the first lap. With the 62nd overall pick, the Packers should be able to acquire one of the best draft wideners. One player that comes to mind is K.J. of Penn State Hamler, who is currently scheduled as second round pick.

9.Cowboys acquire the 9th choice in total from the Jaguars in exchange for the 17th choice in total and the 52nd choice in total

This scenario reminds me of what the Steelers did last year, swapping the 20th pick, the 52nd pick and a third round pick in 2020 for the Broncos in exchange for the 10th pick overall, a pick they had used to select linebacker Devin Bush. While the Steelers could have waited to see if Bush would have been available at 20 (unlikely), Pittsburgh decided to be proactive while grabbing the player they had always watched.

The Cowboys, who lost cornerback Byron Jones to the Dolphins at the start of free agency, could make a similar move, although I don’t think it would cost them a mid-term future choice, as was the case with the Steelers. The Cowboys need a major upgrade to the cornerback position, and they can decide to go up to catch Okudah if the Giants (who should take Isaiah Simmons or an attacking tackle with fourth choice) and the Panthers overtake him. Okudah is unlikely to make it to the 17th pick, which is why the Cowboys can trade to secure the top-rated cornerback in the repechage. Cowboys’ other needs (especially security and defensive lines) can prevent them from making a move like this.

10. Miami acquires global choice n ° 1 from Cincinnati in exchange for global choices n ° 5, 18 and 26

With the fear that Tagovailoa will go to the Redskins with the No. 2 overall choice (as predicted by Will Brinson during CBS Sports Mock Draft 2.0), the Dolphins decided not to risk losing Tua, the player that many expected to take for the first half of the 2019 season, at least in this scenario.

While the Bengals should select Burrow with the No. 1 choice, Cincinnati could ultimately decide to take another quarterback in the repechage. Although they met Burrow on the combine, the Bengals also spent a lot of time with Herbert, who worked with Cincinnati coaching staff during the January Senior Bowl. Bengal offensive coordinator Brian Callahan said shortly after the combine that he and the rest of the Bengal staff would continue to assess each of the best quarterback prospects in the weeks leading up to the project. There is a chance that, during this time, the Bengals will fall in love with someone other than Burrow, paving the way for trade with the Dolphins.


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