NFL Draft 2020: Teams behind Raiders at 12 want to swap


Sports Illustrated Reports Three Teams Currently Pick Teens of 2020 Draft After Number 12 Raiders Want to exchange.

While the Raiders would probably want to trade lower from # 19 than from # 12 because the skill level is much better at # 12, they might consider leaving this place for the right offer.

Let’s see what potential exchanges with these teams would look like:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, # 14

What could the Raiders ask for? N ° 14, n ° 117 and n ° 139 (both in the fourth round)
Should the Raiders do it? Getting two fourth round picks to lose two spots would be good enough for a team with two third day picks. Tampa Bay could take a receiver, so if the Jets take a receiver at # 11 and the 49ers take one at # 13, the Raiders could be in danger of missing the best receivers, namely CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma and Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III of Alabama.

Denver Broncos, # 15
What could the Raiders ask for? N ° 15, n ° 95 in the third, n ° 178 in the fifth and n ° 181 in the sixth.
Should the Raiders do it? It would be a pretty decent transport. But would the two teams want to talk to each other? In addition, while the Broncos could opt for an attacking tackle at No. 12, they could also steal one of the Raiders’ targets.

Atlanta Falcons, n ° 16
What the Raiders might ask: N ° 16 and n ° 78 in the third round.
Should the Raiders do it? Going to number 16 is wavering to get out of the best talent market. But maybe they could push Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson (if the Falcons don’t catch him at number 12) or a catcher. Getting a fourth third round pick would give the Raiders a great day of ammo.

Do you think that Gruden and co. should consider negotiating or sticking to number 12?


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