NFL Draft 2020: Raiders pro / con taking two receivers in the first round


The Raiders’ biggest remaining need is the receiver. It’s an excellent receiver class. The key to Jon Gruden’s offense is the passing game.

So yes, it’s not crazy to wonder if the Raiders will use their two first round picks, # 12 and # 19, in 13 days.

It’s an interesting case. Let’s see the pros and cons:


The chance to be great at the receiver: The Raiders have long sought greatness in this position. Gruden loves it. If he has the chance to recruit two players who he believes can be revolutionary performers, he may well do so.

It helps Derek Carr: We all know Carr’s story and many fans are shared about him. But the more weapons around him (the Raiders’ receivers weren’t good last year), the more likely he is to succeed. And if Carr gets quality firepower and still can’t get to the next level, the Raiders will find it easier to move on.

The time may have come: The receivers for this project are of high quality and the Raiders have two choices from the top 19. Now may not be a better time to make a bold move like this.

The inconvenients

They have other needs: The Raiders have worked hard to improve their defense in free will. But they still need a cornerback and could use help on all layers of defense. Taking two receivers in the first round removes the defense.

High breast rate: Look at all the drafts and the receivers jump out as high risks of being busts. So there is a betting aspect here.

Deep class: On the other hand, it is a deep class with up to 25 receivers expected in the first three rounds. Perhaps the Raiders could find a second starting catcher after the first round.

Conclusion: It’s worth discussing. In the end, I would be slightly surprised if the Raiders take two receivers in the first round. But if these are the two good receivers, why not?


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