NFL 2020 commercial rumors of project for end-of-round picks 1


After weeks of reviewing screening reports, launching Zoom conference calls and examining medicals, the teams did the preparatory work for the NFL draft this week. Now comes the fun part: exchanging notes and potential business ideas over the phone.

Over the next few days, general managers will sit in their home office and consult with their trusted peers, bringing together the teams that are comfortable to deal with and the players that will fire a position. With 40 trades performed during last year’s draft, raising and lowering a draft table is as much a part of the fabric of the event as the ceilings and late risers. One place to watch closely is the end of the first round, when players – especially the quarterbacks – who have slipped a few spots can stimulate action. Since first-round rookie agreements include a fifth-year option, this encourages teams to prepare an agreement and return to the procedures for day 1.

This explains why Lamar Jackson is on the Ravens. Two years ago, Baltimore pocketed two second-round and fourth-round picks to climb 20 places, selecting No. 32 Jackson in total. It worked pretty well. Minnesota did something similar in 2014 with Teddy Bridgewater, moving up eight places to select it 32nd.

This year, some teams have made it clear that they would prefer not to trade during the clock due to the technological hurdles of working from home, according to several executives. And with less information on prospects due to the cancellation of professional days and player visits due to the coronavirus pandemic, an NFC official suspects that teams could play “super safe” with their choices. But others are not as nervous and expect business as usual. “Don’t overcomplicate it – make your choice, call it,” said a general manager.

In the final days before the choices fly, we asked league members how things could happen late in the first round – and which players and teams will test the bandwidth of this virtual project.

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The Eagles are still hiding and there are many large receivers

Howie Roseman is known as an aggressive general manager at this time of year, even when he’s not moving. He always makes calls and wants to listen. Most expect the Roseman Philadelphia Eagles to strongly consider one of the big receivers in the first round, either by trading up, or with their No. 21 overall pick. None of their wide receivers have even reached 500 meters in 2019, and the current No. 1 Alshon Jeffery is 30 years old and is often injured. If Jerry Jeudy of Alabama, CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma and Henry Ruggs III of Alabama are out of the board early, the offshore depth is so strong that Roseman might be able to back up for more choices. allowing to obtain a wide receiver of high flight and a defensive player impact. Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay both had 12 playoffs in their last two-round simulations, a testament to the class’s talent.


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