NFL 2010 All-Decade Team: ranking of each player from 1 to 52


New England Patriots (2010-19)

It’s a chalk choice, I know. Brady has never been able to post the passing numbers that many of his contemporaries have put together over the decade, although I want to point out that not only did he punctuate the league by passing touchdowns in 2010 and 2015, but that it was the first All-Pro team and the league leader in passing yards in 2017 – to
40 years. And while he and
Aaron Rodgers were the only two players in the decade to win two MVPs, Brady has 32 more wins in the decade than the
QB of the Packers (138 to 106, including qualifying). But again, these are titles. Brady had the
Patriots in the AFC Championship Match
eight times in 10 years, winning five conference titles and three
Super Bowls (plus two
MVP of the Super Bowl).

It makes no sense to throw you more stats or distinctions, because it would all serve to just tell you something you already know: Brady was the best player of the decade.


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