Newsom Resists Pressure To Facilitate Ordering Of Coronavirus In California


Governor Gavin Newsom admitted on Monday that pressure from Californians and local governments is mounting to change home statewide orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but said the restrictions would remain in place. place until the threat to public health subsidies and adequate testing and other safeguards are implemented.

A bipartisan group of elected officials in the county of San Luis Obispo asked Newsom on Monday to grant them “the power to implement a gradual reopening of our local economy,” a request that comes just days after county officials from Ventura changed a home stay order to allow certain businesses to reopen and certain gatherings to take place.

San Luis Obispo County officials have argued that their COVID-19 infection rate has been declining because residents have been diligent in complying with home maintenance orders and maintaining social distancing, but with the closure of businesses and the high number of unemployed people, the county faces a perilous financial outlook.

As a result, officials asked for permission to “start reopening our science-based, multi-phase economy.”

“We have asked our residents to take these desperate measures because of the unique risks posed to the wider community by this virus so that we can smooth the curve and allow our health care capabilities to catch up,” said they declared in a letter to the governor. “We must now move on to the next phase, which is economic recovery.”

Newsom said that if regions of the state were affected differently by the pandemic, the “virus knows no jurisdiction, knows no borders” and could easily spread to neighboring counties if restrictions are relaxed prematurely. It is essential for the collective well-being of all Californians to have a state-wide health strategy to return to a sense of normalcy, he said.

“None of these local health guidelines can go further, or rather go back further than state recommendations,” Newsom said in his daily COVID-19 briefing on Monday.

Newsom said it is expecting many more requests similar to that of San Luis Obispo County. He promised that his administration would discuss each with local authorities “to make sure it is a health-based decision. No other type of decision making. Health first, science and data. Everything else follows. “

Meanwhile, dozens of protesters gathered on Monday outside the US Capitol to ask the state to lift the restrictions and allow people to return to work, one of the many protests that took place across the state. the last days. Protesters also descended on Huntington Beach, San Clemente and San Diego County.

Newsom said he understood the frustrations and anxieties expressed by the protesters. But he warned that parts of the world that prematurely relaxed restrictions on coronaviruses, including Singapore, were quickly hit by a second wave of viruses.

“If we are finally going to get back on the economic front, the worst mistake we can make is to make a hasty decision based on the political and frustration that puts people’s lives at risk and ultimately reverses the cause of growth economic and economic recovery, “said Newsom. .

Last week, the Newsom administration announced six key indicators to change the governor’s mandate with regard to home stay, including the ability to closely monitor and follow up on potential cases, to prevent infection of people with high risk, increase surge capacity in hospitals, develop therapies and ensure physical distance in schools, businesses and daycare centers.

Newsom said it would provide a state of the state update in each of these key areas on Wednesday, including California’s progress in general testing.


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