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The Labor Party will announce its next leader on Saturday as the four-month leadership election draws to a close. But before the announcement, former Labor MP Phil Wilson went wild over party mistakes, especially under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The former MP, who lost his seat in the 2019 general election, launched a scathing attack on the outgoing leader, accusing Mr. Corbyn of being “tasteless, selfish and vain”.

In the New Statesman, Wilson urged the Labor Party to bury Corbynism once it elected its new leader.

He describes the party’s Corbyn faction as a “sect” and blames it on Labor’s catastrophic electoral defeat in the 2019 instant vote.

Wilson, who was a Labor MP for Sedgefield from 2007 to 2019, said that when Mr. Corbyn was elected head of the labor movement, the party became a joke for many of its main supporters.

He wrote, “We were becoming a joke. When we gave them Corbyn, it was more than a joke.

“They thought we were taking p ** s.

“It takes the electorate a bit to take the Labor Party seriously, if the Labor Party is not ready to do the same. “

The former MP also said that the party had undergone a fundamental change under the leadership of Mr. Corbyn.

He said, “Corbyn brought a stranger to the Labor world. A vision of the world that belonged to the margins.

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“The priority was not the communities we serve, but the ambitions of the sect’s left.

“It had nothing to do with Labor voters, but everything to do with finding accommodation for their vanity project.

“Insipid and selfish, their plan is on the verge of destroying the Labor Party. “

Wilson urged the next Labor leader to move away from Corbynism, describing the outgoing leader and his supporters as “poisonous, self-centered and narcissistic.”

He said, “The next Labor leader has a task: to break away from Corbynism in all its manifestations and fantasies.

“The Corbynist worldview must be removed from the ranks of the Party. “


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