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Best position for versatile NFL draft Isaiah Simmons? All – New York Giants Blog – ESPN

” He goes [at] inside [linebacker] or outside [linebacker]. Or safety, “said a coach. “The only reason I say all this is that the guy can just run. Having guys who can run hard, there’s something to it, especially in the middle of defense. »…

Comparisons of coaches and executives ranged from former Pittsurgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier to Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Tyrann Mathieu to Los Angeles Chargers goalkeeper Derwin James to Lions linebacker Jamie Collins. Simmons sees himself as a combination of Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller for his pass-rush ability, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey for his cover and Mathieu for his versatility.

Who will end up being the biggest stretch of the NFL 2020 draft? –

This is the former giant Geoff Schwartz who answered a question by mail to know if the Giants should select Isaiah Simmons at number 4:

Offensive tackle, 100 percent. Offensive tackle is one of the most vital positions in the league. It is difficult to win without two of them, and we have seen the importance of right tackles accelerating over the past decade as elite assists have moved to the last left defensive spot.

This is the best draft season for attacking tackles in years, and at No. 4, the Giants will have their choice. They could rescue Jedrick Wills from Alabama and put him in good tackle for years. With a young quarterback like Jones, having an offensive line that lasts for years is a huge development benefit.

Besides the value of an attacking tackle, I think there is some concern about Simmons in the NFL. I have heard from scouts and others I trust who watch the film that Simmons is a major prospect for a boom or a recession. It has nothing to do with his immense talent and ability to play, but he could rather be without a position in the NFL if he is not managed properly.

As he showed Clemson, Simmons can play linebacker, pass rusher, safety and wherever you want. And that’s the problem. If you write it down and just try to understand what it does when it arrives in the field, you’ve now lost the value of that draft choice. If you write a player that high, you need to know exactly where they stand in your defense and put them there.

In my opinion, he is a linebacker. It’s not security. But it is versatile enough to run with runners and tight ends at the linebacker. But again, it is best that you have a role specific to the position when writing it. Floating over the entire defense will not work.

Ashtyn Davis ‘mystery man’ project traveled to Philly for a review with Dr. William Meyers – ProFootballTalk

Safety Davis could be a mid-term target for the Giants.

Pop the Bubble: Why Sports Don’t Come Back Soon – Sports Illustrated

It’s about science and security.

“We won’t have sporting events with fans until we have a vaccine,” said Zach Binney, a doctorate in epidemiology who wrote his thesis on injuries in the NFL and now teaches at Emory. Unless there is a medical miracle, the process of large-scale vaccine development and distribution is expected to take 12 to 18 months. …

O.K., but what about empty stadiums?

“The idea of ​​a quarantined sports league that can still continue sounds really good in theory,” says Binney. “But it is much more difficult to succeed in practice than most people enjoy. “

Giants 2020 NFL Draft Mailbag: How far would Dave Gettleman be ready to trade? | SNY

We know he said he was “open for business,” but he didn’t want to go too far.

2020 New York Giants NFL Draft Preview: Offensive Attacks – Big Blue Interactive

This is a nice breakdown of the whole class.

Julian Love has a bold secondary goal for the Giants: “The Future”

Can love be the free security the Giants need?

“Oh, sure, that thought comes to my mind every day,” Love told the Chicago Post, where he lived at home with his parents during this pandemic. “I want to be the security of the future for the Giants.

“I think I’m the guy. If I didn’t feel that, I wouldn’t say that. But I feel like that. I worked very hard. I want to go there and set everything in motion and really have a dominant year. “

NFL Draft 2020: Little Hope Kyle Dugger Takes Advantage of New Pre-Project Reality –

Best WR Options for the 7 Rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft | The network project

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