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Prisoners are said to be released for health reasons, according to intelligence sources. Despite the report from intelligent sources, the French authorities quickly denied the release of the 130 radicalized convicts. The French newspaper Le Point reported: “The release of 130 prisoners convicted of terrorism is planned a few months or weeks before the end of their prison sentence, according to several sources within the intelligence services”.

However, the director of French prisons, Stéphane Bredin quickly denied the figure.

He said: “A newspaper reported that 130 radicalized prisoners had been released. It’s wrong.

“This number is that of prisoners followed for radicalization by the national prison intelligence service who are entitled to exceptional additional discounts linked to the health crisis or to house arrest.

“These are the 130 people who can be released in less than three months under the conventional end-of-sentence sentence and who could benefit from the exceptional measures of the March 25 order.” has launched a campaign to make Tom Moore a knight, please visit here to register for our petition.

News France: 130 radicalized prisoners could be released

News France: 130 radicalized prisoners could be released (Image: PA)

France: the number is disputed

France: the number is disputed (Image: PA)

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the French government issued an order on March 25, which states that an inmate with a shorter sentence or five years can be released from prison in two months or less.

The order stipulates: “A prisoner who will be released from prison in two months or less may execute the rest of the time allocated to him, with the ban on leaving him, subject to travel justified by family, professional health needs or imperatives. “

France has been asked to reduce the number of prisoners in its overcrowded prisons in order to prevent the rise of COVID-19.

Due to the forced lockdowns in place, a group representing the detainees warned that strict security measures could not be enforced.


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Coronavirus: pregnant detainee also released from prison

Coronavirus: pregnant detainees also released from prison (Image: PA)

The group said: “Despite all this, prisoners are not allowed to wear face masks, the majority of them do not have gloves, they are forbidden to have hydro-alcoholic gel since alcohol is prohibited.

“It is impossible, under such circumstances, to apply the safety instructions.

“It is now urgent, to limit the risks of health crisis in prison, to drastically reduce the number of people detained.”

The need to release low-level prisoners has also been raised in the UK in order to stop an epidemic.

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Coronavirus: some prisoners have also been released in the UK

Coronavirus: some prisoners have also been released in the UK (Image: GETTY)

As of April 20, Justice Department figures indicated that 15 prisoners had died of coronavirus in England and Wales.

There were also 278 prisoners as well as 194 staff members who tested positive for the virus.

Richard Garside, director of the Center for Crime and Justice Studies, said: “The government’s inaction on COVID-19 in British prisons endangers not only the lives of prisoners, but also prison staff and the general public.

“If you are considering creating an institution with the express intention of concentrating and transmitting COVID-19, it would probably look like a prison.”

IMF resumption forecast

IMF resumption forecast (Image: Express)

The ministry has started to release pregnant prisoners and those living in high-risk mother and baby units.

The government also said that up to 4,000 prisoners could be released two months earlier to create more space.

Coronavirus: 15 prisoners died from COVID-19

Coronavirus: 15 prisoners died from COVID-19 (Image: PA)

However, the number of released prisoners has been criticized as only 18 of them had done so by April 14.

Labor Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy said, “Time is of the essence to prevent our prisons from becoming Covid-19 hotspots. “

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.


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