Newcastle United defender Danny Rose responds to “bizarre” criticism from Premier League players


Newcastle United defender Danny Rose responded to “bizarre” criticism from Premier League players – insistent discussions were already underway to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League released a statement on Friday confirming that top footballers would be asked to postpone wages by 30%.

The statement came after Premier League footballers were asked by health secretary Matt Hancock to pay a large sum of their wages for the country’s fight against the pandemic.

Rose and Wolves captain Conor Coady is one of a number of Premier League players who have now joined Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson to try to create a player fund to help those who currently need it.

However, the Magpies defender has now revealed that the comments frustrated the players as they were already working on plans to help.

“When I woke up this morning, seeing people’s comments in the House of Parliament, we sort of feel like our backs are against the wall,” Rose told BBC Radio 5 Live Friday Night Club. .

“Conversations took place before people outside of football commented. Everything that happened is a discussion. I just phoned Jordan Henderson about 20 minutes ago and he is working so hard to find something.

“It just wasn’t necessary for people who are not involved in football trying to tell footballers what to do with their money. I found this so bizarre. “

Rose was then asked if footballers would be willing to contribute some sort of fund to help those in need and on the front lines.

“I can only speak for myself,” Rose replied. “But I have no problem paying anything from my salary to the people who are fighting on the front lines and to the people who have been affected by what’s going on right now.”

Coady, who was contacted by Henderson as part of the fund creation process, then added, “The idea has been going on for a few weeks now to try to sort something out, and I think people are now realizing that it’s difficult to talk to 20 clubs.

“It’s a great idea from Jordan [Henderson], do what he’s trying to do, bring all the clubs together. It can do something fantastic for the front line people and those who work so hard, so hard for us. It’s a great idea. ”

“I think in terms of club and players we have been looking to do something for a while now,” said Coady.

“I remember, last week, we talked on WhatsApp to try to collect something and we talked to the club and they told us to hold fire because there was a meeting today to see what results.

“Footballers always try, they really are. “

Coady also confirmed that Premier League players would be willing to set up their own funds in addition to the 30% carryover.

He echoed Rose’s feelings that footballers are easy targets while declaring that he and his peers will do everything in their power to help those in need and on the front line.


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