New York to Receive 1,100 Fans with Help from China and Oregon


New York is on the verge of getting more than 1,100 ventilators from China and Oregon as it prepares to line up more respirators for the sickest coronavirus patients, the governor said on Saturday Andrew Cuomo.

The Chinese government has facilitated a donation of 1,000 fans from billionaires Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai, co-founders of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, Cuomo said. He said the respirators were due on Saturday and that the state of Oregon had volunteered to send 140 more respirators.

“It will make a significant difference to us,” said the Democratic Governor. Cuomo said on Thursday that the state’s supply of ventilators would be exhausted in six days if the number of critically ill coronavirus patients continued to increase at the current rate.

New York is the US epicenter of the pandemic, with more than 113,700 cases confirmed on Saturday morning. More than 3,500 people have died across the state and about 15,000 coronavirus patients are hospitalized. More than 4,100 are in intensive care – many, if not all, require ventilators.

Governors of the United States have pleaded, competed, and traveled the world market for the supplies needed, particularly ventilators, to treat the sick. Cuomo said on Saturday that New York had at one time placed purchase orders for 17,000 devices, but only 2,500 had passed.

“You receive a call that says,” We cannot execute this command, “” he said.

Cuomo announced Friday that he would order a redistribution of hundreds of ventilators in New York, saying he wanted hospitals in the northern state to lend 20% of their unused ventilators – about 500 in all – to New York medical centers. York hardest hit. Metropolitan area of ​​the city.

The governor said members of the National Guard would pick up fans across the state. National Guard spokesman Eric Durr said on Saturday that the collection had not yet started.

Cuomo’s plan alarmed New York Republicans and some hospital leaders in the northern state. They said it would make people in their regions vulnerable and set regions of the state against each other.

Cuomo and New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio, also a Democrat, said last week that the federal government had agreed to send about 2,400 fans to the city and 2,000 to the state. The mayor and the governor repeatedly pleaded with the federal government for more help.

The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially the elderly and people with health problems, this can cause more serious illness or death.

The flags of Westchester County buildings will be lowered to half the staff in honor of the deceased residents of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

County director George Latimer announced the plan on Saturday, a day after New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy made a similar move in his state. Both politicians are democrats.


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