New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he will refuse and challenge Trump’s order to reopen New York’s economy if it puts residents’ health at risk


“If he ordered me to reopen in a way that would endanger the public health of the people of my state, I would not do so. And we would have a constitutional challenge between the state and the federal government and it would go to “, Cuomo told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on” New Day “.

Trump reiterated his position on Twitter following Cuomo’s interview, saying that the governor “seems to want independence”, but swearing “It will not happen”. The president also said that Cuomo, who had often lobbied for more federal assistance during the pandemic, “begged” him daily for essential medical supplies.
While it is unclear how a legal battle over state restrictions would unfold, a lot jurists believe the president would lose if he attempted to challenge them on constitutional grounds which he had not yet identified.
Trump, however, has clear, albeit limited, direct power. For example, it can order federal employees to return to their offices and reopen national parks and other federal property. And he can use his influence to try to persuade governors – and citizens – to do what he wants.

Trump may also be trying to take advantage of the “major catastrophe statement” he issued for each state – for example, by trying to demand that governors take certain action in exchange for federal aid.

Trump rages on criticism as governors craft their own plans to reopen the economy

Cuomo, whose state is currently seeing the effectiveness of its restrictions as the number of cases begins to stabilize, said that a “dictatorial” and “partisan” order from Trump to reopen the New York economy “would the worst possible thing he could do right now. “

Asked by Camerota what the eventual reopening of New York’s economy would look like, Cuomo said it would be a “gradual reopening” that would begin with “an expansion of essential services.”

“Because it is not that the economy has been closed. You can get on a bus, you can get on a train, you can buy food. But expand this list of essential services. And this phase, this evolution of economic reactivation, is what we’re talking about, “he said.

Before Trump’s press briefing on Monday when he claimed “full” authority, the coast governors announced that they have formed their own pacts to coordinate the measures they will take to reopen the economies of their states.

Governors on both sides of the country have hammered home the idea that their decisions will be driven by the facts, scientists and public health professionals, not politics.

Cuomo noted on Monday that his state’s health officials believed they had reached a plateau in the cases, but warned that a regional approach was needed to avoid a resurgence. He said it was important to do it step by step with a “smart plan”, assessing the data at each step and working together with the states in the region.

CNN’s Daniel Dale, Stephen Collinson and Maeve Reston contributed to this report.


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