New York coronavirus death rate remains “horribly high”, although epidemic appears to be slowing, says Governor Cuomo


Coronavirus death in New York remains “horribly high,” although projections of the state’s epidemic suggest it may be on the verge of a “descent,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday. a press conference in Albany.

On Sunday, 478 New Yorkers died from the virus, down from the number of deaths per day at the height of the disease, as nearly 800 people died every day, Cuomo said. A total of 507 people in the state died on Saturday and 540 deaths were recorded on Friday.

On Sunday, there were 1,380 new Covid-19 hospitalizations in New York, down slightly from 1,384 on Saturday.

He stressed the importance of testing, announcing that his government “is starting the largest antibody test ever carried out today”.

“The tests will require everyone to work together,” said Cuomo, noting that the effort will require close cooperation between the states and the federal government.

Cuomo also urged New Yorkers to continue to follow the state’s strict social distancing policies, even though the warmer weather prompts more people to venture outside.

“They will come out with warmer weather,” said Cuomo. “This contact will increase the spread of the virus. “

The governor warned that as public activity increases, the infection rate spreads.

Beaches, public facilities, schools would be “magnets” for the virus if public activity grew too quickly, Cuomo said. “Everything is closed unless we say otherwise. “

Still, the measure used to assess the infection has dropped to a level that marks a slowdown, Cuomo said. “This is what we have to watch out for until we get medical treatment or a vaccine, that’s when it’s really over. “

Cuomo said on Sunday that the state plans to launch antibody tests this week to find out who had previously been infected, by conducting “the state’s largest population-wide investigation”.

Cuomo said the Food and Drug Administration has approved the state’s antibody test, which is designed to detect whether a person has developed antibodies to fight Covid-19 and indicates that they can be immunized against the disease. He said the state would conduct “thousands” of tests this week.

Antibody tests will give the state its “first real snapshot” of the number of residents infected with Covid-19, Cuomo said.

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