New York and other east coast states extend closure until May 15: Cuomo


New York and other east coast states extend closure of non-core businesses until May 15, as authorities attempt to re-open parts of the economy without causing coronavirus cases to resurface, said on Thursday Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo announced the decision during his daily briefing in Albany and via Twitter, saying that “New York on PAUSE” will be expanded in coordination with other states.

“We have to keep doing what we do. I would like to see this infection rate go down even more. The New York Pause policies, the closure policies, will be extended in coordination with other states until May 15, “said Cuomo. The lock was previously to be lifted on April 30.

He reiterated his plans to work with other governors on a coordinated plan to gradually reopen trade in the region. Cuomo heads a task force of seven governors from the Northeast, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware, who are coordinating their response to the pandemic.

“I need a plan of action coordinated with other states. So one month we will continue the closure policies. What happens next? I do not know. We will see what the data shows, ”said Cuomo. “I don’t want to project beyond this period. “

Cuomo did not specify whether all or only some of these states would join the statewide quarantine extension. Delaware already closed non-essential businesses as of May 15, while New Jersey control has been put in place “until further notice”.

Coordination with other states does not mean that they will always be at the same pace, he said, “but we will talk about it first and I hope we are not doing something that is inconsistent with a at least one other state ”.

Cuomo said the net change in coronavirus hospitalizations in the state fell to Wednesday’s lowest level since the start of the epidemic. He said that the number of ICU admissions and intubations has also dropped significantly for the first time.

However, he said, 2,000 new infections are confirmed every day in the state. Cuomo also reported an additional 606 deaths for Wednesday, the smallest increase in deaths in six days. “The good news is that it means we can control the virus, right? That means we can control the spread, ”said Cuomo.

The state is facing the worst epidemic in the United States with more than 214,800 of the country’s 640,200 cases. More than 31,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States, with almost half of these deaths concentrated in New York State.


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