New post-internment rules in France


The sports ministry has presented plans to gradually reintroduce sport into public life after giving birth after a meeting with organized sports officials last week. A letter from Denis Masséglia, president of the national sports committee The National Olympic and Sports Committee English (CNOSF), published online here, Explain.

Individual, amateur and outdoor sports will be allowed under “normal conditions” from May 11, including walking, hiking, running and biking.

These activities will not be subject to the confinement rules in force from this date (such as staying less than 1 km from your home). All existing health recommendations will still need to be followed.

Professional athletes will also be allowed to resume training from May 11.

The document did not specify when other amateur outdoor sports activities, such as tennis or local football, would be allowed to resume.

Sports halls and gymnasiums are slated to reopen gradually, according to the document, with all sites due to reopen completely from June 15.

Sports clubs and associations will be allowed to restart gradually, according to a three-step plan.

From May 11 to June 15, only associations working with schools will be allowed to reopen. This will keep the classes small, with half of the students in class and the other half playing sports.

From June 15, all associations can resume their normal activities in small groups. The ministry should cap this figure at 30 people per activity.

Finally, it is unlikely that a full restart of activities will be allowed before the new school year, in late August or September, and even then, schools may still be subject to sanitary measures and social distancing rules.


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