New England Patriots Unveil New Uniforms with Bad Pants


Written by: Andrew Lind • Tuesday April 21, 2020

The New England Patriots unveiled their new uniforms on Monday, and one of the biggest complaints from fans was the width of the stripes on the pants that didn’t match the UCLA stripes on the shoulders.

It turns out that the players modeling the new yarns were actually wearing the wrong pants during their photo shoot.

The mistake was not apparent when the Patriots announced the changes early in the morning, as they essentially promoted their all-Navy Color Rush set – which included pants with a thick white stripe sandwiched between two thin red stripes – to their main look at home. But then the players started posting photos of them wearing the full uniform on social media, and the pants did not match what was revealed earlier today.

While New England has yet to comment on this discrepancy, Uni Watch Paul Lukas confirmed by an industry source with access to the NFL style guide the pants players wore in their homes – those with the thicker red stripes that match the jersey – is what the Patriots will actually wear this fall, not the pants from the photo shoot.

It’s unclear why the error was overlooked during the shooting and editing processes, but it’s also not the first time something like this has happened between seasons, since no player wore the right one. helmet with small logo on the sides. when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new uniforms on April 7.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has also forced teams to get creative with their uniform unveils, the Cleveland Browns taking a photo shoot in someone’s garage and the Los Angeles Chargers doing their new look on the old ones photos of the players.

Photos via James White and Paul Lukas.

Andrew Lind

Andrew Lind is a writer and photographer beaten in Ohio State football at the Buckeye Sports Bulletin; founder of the Ohio State Uniform Database; and the NCAA and NFL editor on Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewMLind.


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